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    Fall asleep HARD within minutes of eating sugar
    I noticed an 8 year old post here about this same topic and am wondering if anyone else has this, or if this...More
    Posted by An_267342
    Diabetes and honey
    I have bad allergies and want to try local raw honey to see if it helps. I just read an article that said raw...More
    Posted by Jimpims
    type 2
    I have been experiencing signs of extreme thirst, fatigue, shakiness, swelling and tingling in my feet....More
    Posted by cnadygirl53
    Is it possible to reverse type 2 diabetes?
    Posted by An_267332
    Diabetes and Tired
    Hello everyone, Are any you tired all the time? My feet hurt me so bad with my condition. I have High blood...More
    Posted by brand1992
    Gestational Diabetes: Post Birth care for the Bab...
    My sister in law developed Gestational Diabetes while she was pregnant with her first child. She gave birth...More
    Posted by An_267282
    Grandpa Has Diabetes also High Blood Pressure
    He has been taking his medication but when going for a walk he gets tired and dizzy if he walks a lot....More
    Posted by viciouzbarbie
    Which do you think is the best Diabetes Drug?
    I have had diabetes for 6yrs now. I have been on everything and nothing seems to work for me. It is always a...More
    Posted by jahs495
    Newly Diagnosed, lots of questions.
    Hi all, I am newly diagnosed. My levels of understanding are increasing by the day, but I still have a lot to...More
    Posted by BigDC
    Thyroid function and Type ii Diabetes
    I am a new Diabetic and have long suffered from Hyperthyroidism (about 18 yrs). I started on initial dose of...More
    Posted by rmzellma1
    Diabetes and your home computer
    A home computer is the very best example of how diabetes "progresses". When you first take it out of the box...More
    Posted by brunosbud
    When I found out that I am T2 diabetic I was furious with myself because I had been warned that I needed to...More
    Posted by NanaJones
    Cortisone injection and blood glucose
    43 yo pre-diabetic with Max Bg of 220 ever. Current a1c is 5.7. Today went for a first lumbar cortisone...More
    Posted by Frjamesomaha
    Cortisone injection and blood glucose
    I am a 42 yo pre-diabetic with a historical max bg of 220 and a1c of 5.7. I I am on 1000mg Metformn ER...More
    Posted by Frjamesomaha
    Chronic Pancreatitis & Diabetes
    I have chronic pancreatitis and am pre-diabetic according to my doctor...does this mean diabetes is...More
    Posted by csalberg
    Diabetes 2 - Insulin Question
    Hubby started had drastic weight loss 6 mths ago and was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 (BS very high!) straight...More
    Posted by julesverne
    I'm old member( for long time was in danial )Heal...
    I'm a old member. My name is Bill I'm 41 now with Mental Health. If someone remembers me I to have slight...More
    Posted by mustang37b
    not sure about being type 2 diabetic, currently ha...
    hello everyone, I am 21 and was diagnosed in November with metabolic syndrome. I am currently on 500mg...More
    Posted by scaredabouttype2
    Shaky, sweating, trouble concentrating
    I do not have diabetes. I do not have episodes of high blood glucose but I start getting shaky around 100. If...More
    Posted by An_266951
    Diabetes is Insulin Resistance Due to Too Much Ins...
    5 Points on How Diabetes Works and Gets Worse 1. It's important to understand how your body regulates blood...More
    Posted by brunosbud
    Confused about dealing with my type 2 diabetes. N...
    I was rdiagnosed with type 2 diabetes a week ago. I am on a low dose of medication. I am following my...More
    Posted by An_266911

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    Tip for Less Severe Neuropathy Symptoms
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