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    How does weight loss help control Type 2 diabetes?
    Type 2 diabetes usually starts after a person becomes an adult. It is by far the most common type of...More
    Posted by An_265906
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    simple dieting
    I have diabetes type II. When I started to 'eat' right I studied what to eat that was good for me. I avoided...More
    Posted by artriley
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    Stem Cell Treatment For Diabetes
    Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment Diabetes: Diabetes is still associated with tremendous...More
    Posted by ffaaiitthh
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    how diabetes affects everyone sometimes out of now...
    I'm 66 years and never had diabetes before. my son works night shift and he came home early one evening. my wife...More
    Posted by tomo1
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    You need to eat better more DOMINOS!!
    Posted by BigJimma
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    help for small fiber neuropathy - new studies - do...
    Here are some new studies that I have used to help me with SFN that is over 80% of my body (confirmed by skin...More
    Posted by azidkid
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    food help
    My sister has DIABETES whet cook book can i use?
    Posted by emilyjane111
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    Finding a good meter
    Good job on finding a meter
    Posted by An_259704
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    Different glucose meters
    I used a accu check nano for 2 years and recently had to switch to a one touch verio due to insurance plan. ...More
    Posted by Subiedude
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    The Most Accurate BG Testing Meter
    The FreeStyle brand of blood glucose testing meters was chosen as "the most accurate" meter by Dr. Richard K....More
    Posted by nutrijoy
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    Blood Sugar high in Morning
    I struggled with and my Family Doctor screamed at me for being too high in A.M. Then I went to an...More
    Posted by frostman33
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    SGLT2 Inhibitor effect
    I just read an excellent discussion of SGLT2 inhibitors on, and felt motivated to pass on...More
    Posted by 10stroy
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    Getting blood sugar under control using insulin
    I normally like Dr. Gabe Mirkin 's advice and newsletters. But in one of his most recent newsletter...More
    Posted by nutrijoy
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    Have an icecream Bar and think it's Christmas!!
    Blue Bunny makes a smaller version of icecream bars. Name is "Blue Bunny Star Bars" and come 20 in a box....More
    Posted by brinerlady
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    Eliminating "Popular" Discussions Confusion
    WebMD continues to post older (i.e., inactive) discussions under the heading [POPULAR Discussions>. This...More
    Posted by nutrijoy
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    Eliminating "Popular" Discussions Confusion
    WebMD continues to post older (i.e., inactive) discussions under the heading [POPULAR Discussions>. This...More
    Posted by nutrijoy
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    Reversing Diabetes World Summit 2014...
    Core Nutrition to Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes is a free Ebook (actually, it's really a booklet,...More
    Posted by nutrijoy
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    type 2 diabetes
    I have a close friend who is dealing with type 2 diabetes. I wanted to share that through using essential...More
    Posted by sarahsdoterra
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    Make a Plan to Eat Right & Move More
    Being a diabetic doesn't always mean drastically changing everything you eat, or sacrificing the things...More
    Posted by michelleellen
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    dry mouth
    Dry mouth due to diabetes/ taking lots of medicine you can get relief. I found a product called Biotene and...More
    Posted by rocky80435
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    A Diabetes Reversal StoryExpert
    Many people understand that they can probably improve their diabetes by eating right and exercising, but figuring out how to make it ... More
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    Conquering Diabetes - Michael Dansinger, MD

    Dr. Michael Dansinger provides thoughtful tips for those with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes who want to reclaim their health...Read More

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