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    Which one is best Yoga OR Machine Exercise?
    Which one is best Yoga OR Machine Exercise?
    Posted by dukekaufman
    Can Diabetic Retinopathy be reversed?
    Hi jc, I saw this great video on, where there are many many great videos. ...More
    Posted by engineerguy
    FIFA 16 Coins Generator Online Hack
    Let me present you the new FIFA 16 Coins Generator, before I go further lets start on this I desire to tell you...More
    Posted by bcpbgc
    Diet tips &low-back pain.
    Before you start diet,ask god first to make you thinner.Set your goals,by current weight to your idea...More
    Posted by carlo1

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    Migraines and sugar
    I am a chronic migraine sufferer. For the last 15 years I've had no less than eight migraines a month. I have...More
    Posted by An_260852
    Losing weight.
    I have been thinking about starting to drink a whey protein shake to help with losing some weight. I have...More
    Posted by An_258802
    prostate cancer
    What does this mean? More
    Posted by jc3737
    Hi folks, I faintly remember Heretic posting the same message a this Dr Greger discussion. Heretic said,...More
    Posted by engineerguy
    Dr Mann
    Until the day he died at the age of 95 Dr Mann continued to say that cholesterol was not a factor in heart...More
    Posted by jc3737
    Dolores,I have a few questions if you don't mind.Before you coded: Were you on a low sodium diet? What was...More
    Posted by jc3737
    rice? starch?
    This suggest that starch is not nearly as healthy as vegetables.When a starch such as rice is subed by...More
    Posted by jc3737
    new trial
    Higher death rate for those on the vegan diet? Less cardio deaths but does that even matter if there are...More
    Posted by Anon_605
    fuhrman's products
    I am disturbed by fuhrman's sale of several supplements and products. Isn't this what got dr. Mercola into...More
    Posted by max9821

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