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    What's Happening Now

    Reply: Would love some insight on how to get started!
    ee, If you are still checking in, please please come over to the 50-100 weightloss community. Most of...More
    Diet and Exercise go hand in hand

    Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. -Will Rogers
    SW 243 1/3/12 CW 186 Goal 135

    Posted by totallywiggedout
    Reply: Wondering if anyone else is interested in using th...
    Checking back in...hearing crickets. That's okay...If you see this, please check out the 50-100 board. Friendly...More
    Posted by tnmist
    Reply: Hello, new here
    Hi, Thank you for your reply. I have managed to loose 21 pounds and my sugar reading are 100 points lower than...More
    Posted by chui55
    Reply: Hello I joined on Feb 22 2015
    Sorry, ran out of room. Goals for the upcoming weekend: 1) ( 10 oz glasses of water a day 2) No takeout...More
    Posted by traci42
    WebMD Fitness and Food Tracker!
    I love <3 using these pages. It's has taken the guess work, frustration & calculation of numbers...More
    Posted by amura
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    Reply: Gundry Side Effects?
    My friend had amazing success on this diet as a vegetarian, which it's not entirely designed for. What...More
    Posted by debbiedebbie
    Reply: Hello, New here
    To lilysmom2005 -If you really want to reduce. Check out - Dr.Greger. Eggs are very...More
    Posted by greenwoodfatty
    Reply: New Here!
    Hi. Just started checking out this website tonight and saw your post. My goal is to lose about 120 lbs....More
    Posted by mydearwatson
    Don't try to do too much
    Most people who give-up on exercise are trying to do too much. I'm assuming that your very heavy and exercise...More
    Posted by An_260263
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    Reply: Hello everyone " New here "
    I thought I am alone struggling with these issues. Are you still swimming? How is your weight loss going? I need...More
    Posted by lucica
    Reply: Newbiee !
    Hi! How are you? My name is Catherine. I'm 24 and like you, my goal is to lose 100 lbs. Let me tell...More
    Posted by salsaintheblender
    I can use all the help and encouragement that I ca...
    Hi all, I am also a newbe and am looking forward to getting started. I don't have much money and I have some...More
    Posted by chish0001
    Reply: Just Joined
    I also see that this post is a bit old, I hope you are still checking in. I am overweight and have T2...More
    Posted by tess2010
    Reply: Newbie
    Sounds like you need some love and support. Here is a resource that is Free for you ...More
    Posted by helpishereforyou
    Just Joined
    Need amount of calories to eat per day as well as how many carbs, protein, sodium, fat, sugars to eat per day....More
    Posted by lougeno
    Reduce the fatigue and side effects of weight loss...
    I reached my all-time weight high 355lbs and decided that was it. So here is how I went about...More
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    Reply: HCG Diet Triumph
    As of December 6, 2011, the United States FDA has prohibited the sale of "homeopathic" and...More
    Reply: hair loos
    Rogaine for the rest of your life. Once you stop taking it the hair-loss will continue. I...More
    Reply: Depressed
    What are you doing differently than you did before the baby? Think of your baby as a blessing and an...More
    Posted by traci42
    Reply: Knock Knock anyone here?
    Some of us are still here...actually, I just got here. Interested in a mutual support team?
    Posted by traci42
    Reply: Always "hungry" Lately
    I hate to be cliché. But I know how you feel. I am crave sweets like no other. I wish I knew of some...More
    Posted by cmeforlaughter
    Reply: Newbie-- starting at 344.8 pounds:
    Hey Kayla!! I think you need to stay over on the other community. We are very active over there and this place...More
    Posted by bigred53
    Reply: New here but willing to work at it
    OOPS! I meant to say my triglycerides were 1000. Just call me fumble MichelleMore
    Posted by bigred53
    Reply: Help
    Hi I weigh 313 and am your height. I just began the Daniel Plan. I know you can do it, we...More
    Posted by garnetfairy
    Reply: Newbie
    How are you doing? I'm new too.
    Posted by garnetfairy
    Reply: Weight Loss
    You might want to check out for a food list and tips and inspiration. Walking is the easiest...More
    Posted by garnetfairy
    the Daniel Plan
    Hi, I'm new. I weigh 313 @ 5'2" and ant to get down to 125. I'm beginning the Daniel Plan but am having...More
    Posted by garnetfairy
    For any recent post-ers...or anyone reading this
    As BigRed recently posted, "Come on over to the 50 to 100 pounds to lose site. We are very active over...More
    Posted by ladylavender
    Reply: Another newbie saying hello
    Hello Welcome. I am new to this as well. I have struggled with my weight all my life too. Tried every diet...More
    Posted by markel4214
    Reply: rewards
    Crisbear, I love the thought of a new house plant or even a new herb plant. Thank you so much for the idea....More
    Posted by falicialyn

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    you guys already know me-i am so frustrated that so often this website wont let me post-i write and write and nothing!!!!!! and what is the deal with ...More

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    Diet Club Newcomer Tips
    In the past we had a Diet Club FAQ: we frequently referred newcomers to it-because it had some great tips, ideas for getting started, and ... More
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