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    Topamax to treat Binge Eating disorder
    HI everyone! I'm 21 years old and I've been dealing with this eating disorder since I was 12 or something and...More
    Posted by An_267893
    Topamax to treat Binge Eating disorder
    HI everyone! I'm 21 years old and I've been dealing with this eating disorder since I was 12 or something and...More
    Posted by An_267893
    Hello exchanges.webmd
    Hello exchanges.webmd
    Posted by evm6538
    Chewing on things?
    I'm not really sure if this would go under eating disorder, or mental disorder, but since it involves...More
    Posted by An_267499
    Cant stop night bingeing !
    Its like I fear going to bed without some food in my stomach ? I really need to learn how to bypass the...More
    Posted by An_267352
    Binge eating advice
    Hi everyone, I'm just coming to terms with the fact that I might have a binge eating disorder.I've looked...More
    Posted by margaretw514
    eating disorder anxiety
    I have had anxiety about throwing up after i eat for 3 years and has gotton better. But i have developed acid...More
    Posted by Sami2
    Binge eating
    My doctor said I was a overeater not a binger. I guess the definition of binger wasn't what I thought. I'm...More
    Posted by Denby
    eating disorders community
    l have an eating disorder and l l eat a lot but right after l'm finish eating, l tend to throw it all up...More
    Posted by An_265813
    No one listens or understands
    I am 55 years old a grandmother of a beautiful 4 year old boy and proud mother of my 34 year old son. And I...More
    Posted by An_265679
    I have recently learned I am a binge eater. I have always binged, it wasn't until I've started to...More
    Posted by ready4change22570
    Making myself sick
    It started a few months ago, I only made myself sick once because I felt ill and then it made me feel better...More
    Posted by An_265105
    I hadn't binge in a week.. And I just binged on peanut butter again. I don't know what to do anymore... I...More
    Posted by An_265083
    The Fight Against Binge Eating
    I'm a girl in school who is highly looked up to. No one would ever possibly expect that I would be a binge...More
    Posted by An_264876
    Anorexia and hair loss
    I have struggled with anorexia for three years now. I was at my lowest, then recovered and maintained a...More
    Posted by An_264852
    Can't Stop Bingeing
    Hi I also have the problem of bingeing. After losing almost 50lbs on a restricted diet, I have become tired...More
    Posted by kris9900_z
    Binge eating
    I am a 57 year old white disable female. I had to quite my nursing job in 2008 due to thyriod cancer,...More
    Posted by tlsteptoe
    Binge eating
    I suffer from depression and anxiety, I am also a binge eater. When I was young my father would set a...More
    Posted by scotty123123
    I want help
    Posted by ElliePearson

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    I was an anorexic and bulimic at the start of the year, I cut and am suicidal I hate myself and my body can someone please give me some advice on what I can do? I really want help, I'm hopelessly upset and I just want someone to talk to. I'm 14 years old.
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    More eating and less vitamin and mineral
    More eating and less vitamin and mineral consuming can cause your skin to loose. I hav tried taking...More
    Posted by An_264178
    Anorexia and exercise induced bulimia
    Hi....I am an adult woman, who has struggled with an eating disorder, much of my life. I have been an...More
    Posted by An_264137

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    may be anorexic again
    I'm on a diet plateau.. I lost only 12 pounds this year as opposed to 70 pounds 3 years ago. I gained back about 30 of the 70 pounds. I ... More
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