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    All Endo, PCOS, Adeno, Hysto's, Pelvic Pain this is the link to our new Exchange. It will take some time to get everything re-entered...but WELCOME ALL!!!


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    How to treat endometriosis?
    I recently often have the symptoms of abdominal pain, urinary frequency with urinary pain and period pain....More
    Posted by Jesmine1152
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    Dietary guidelines for endometriosis patients
    For women in their 30-40 years old, these diseases are more likely to occur, among which endometriosis...More
    Posted by antonellamessi
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    The transitivity and recurrence makes endometriosi...
    Generally speaking, symptoms of endometriosis are obvious. Once suffering from endometriosis, patients...More
    Posted by antonellamessi
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    Tips on Uterus Maintenance to Prevent Endometriosi...
    Endometriosis comes from the word endometrium, which is the tissue that lines the inside of the...More
    Posted by antonellamessi
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    How to protect uterus for women in different ages?
    TCM, traditional Chinese medicine , believes that the kidney is the foundation of one's health. The...More
    Posted by antonellamessi
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    What diets are helpful for reducing endometriosis ...
    Endometriosis refers to the endometrium grows outside your uterus in which tissue that normally lines...More
    Posted by antonellamessi
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    Are You at High Risk of Infecting Endometriosis Af...
    There are increasing women worrying if they are at high risk of infecting endometriosis after abortion?...More
    Posted by antonellamessi
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    Herbal cure for Endometriosis,menstrual pain,infe...
    Are you passing through any of this problems? infertility,TTC, severe Endometriosis,menstrual pain,nil...More
    Posted by An_263221
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    Natural cure for fibroids, cysts, or lumps
    In order to not recur the symptoms or to assist in flushing those darn aliens in your ovaries, uterus, or...More
    Posted by feistydiva
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    In 2004 I began bleeding so heavily, having terrible cramps, sex was painful, huge blood clots, my sciatica...More
    Posted by Kelleypaula
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    Extra IBS Tips
    Hey ladies I have some extra IBS tips to add to the first IBS tips list which has a ton of great info on...More
    Posted by mcgalla
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    The Endo Bath :) Here it is ladies! I hope it he...
    There is nothing better than a hot, soothing bath to relieve the aches and pains of endometriosis....More
    Mommy to a 2 year old little girl and a 1 year old little boy.  Diagnosed with Endo. after DS was born.  But trying to work through the pain without to many heroic measures.
    Posted by BrittneyisaMommy
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    information for members
    I am not sure if everyone knows, Amanda and I are the administrators of this board. This is a member ran...More
    I am brandi 27dx'ed.infertile06'w/male factor also-first lap 09'endo stageIV/PCOS/2-m/c08'09'my loves hormone deficient 7 rounds of clomid~~co admin..
    Posted by brandib01
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    Dealing with IBS
    Hello Ladies, I concenrated on the frequent requests of how to manage diarrhea. Below are the top foods to...More
    Posted by hopeful2218
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    How to handle work and your medical issues.
    This is a Tip about how to cope with work, and what you are entitled to by law for your medical conditions....More
    Posted by hopeful2218
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    New Doctor
    I posted a few weeks ago, it looked very diff, so im guessing they changed the layout? But any way.. I was...More
    Posted by kruss09
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    Is it a Period or Abnormal Bleeding?
    This is a Tip to help you understand if you are having a period or abnormal bleeding. A period should only...More
    Posted by hopeful2218
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    How to properly control your Pain
    This is a tip on how to control your pain with the pain medications that have been given to you. A general...More
    Posted by hopeful2218
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    Spotlight: Member Stories

    Hey everyone, my names Susan.I live in the South Jersey area and i am 21 years old and had endo pain since i was a preteen. I was diagnosed with endo ...More

    Helpful Tips

    The Endo Bath :) Here it is ladies! I hope it helps you relax just a bit!
    There is nothing better than a hot, soothing bath to relieve the aches and pains of endometriosis. Most of us have pain relievers on hand ... More
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