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    Most Kids with Epilepsy Have Other Health Issues
    Hi everyone. Living with epilepsy is a struggle only known by the person who is living with the...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Seizure medication and sudden nausea and vomiting
    My son, 19yrs old, has had epilepsy for over 10 years with varying level of control due to multiple medications....More
    Posted by jwrain
    menstrual cycle as a trigger Our daughter is 14 and has been treated for absence seizures for the past 8 years with...More
    Posted by poppyb63
    Seizures returning?
    I started having seizures out of the blue at 20. I had severe grab mal seizures for about 6 years then they...More
    Posted by techols76
    Have to question these 2 meds..??
    Sometimes I have to question my doctor and now he gave me something new and l didnt know about until I read...More
    Posted by cindigal
    anxiety and epilepsy
    Hello, My husband was recently diagnosed with epilepsy. His seizures are caused by sleep deprivation. He has...More
    Posted by Bondel77
    Depakote or Lamictal
    Hello, I am looking to change my seizure medication because the side effects I am experiencing are weight...More
    Posted by krschwob

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    I'm back, anything new since 2011?
    Sadly, I'm back! My history: 1999 - Felt tired one day at work, I think I even had a couple of minor dizzy...More
    Posted by wmccall
    Concussion related epilepsy
    Did or can my concussion related epilepsy heal? I was diagnosed with epilepsy after my secon concussion. My...More
    Posted by Wiggy50
    Help my girlfriend had a seizure in her sleep.
    I apologize for how this may be written out in advance. So here is some back story my girlfriend and I have been...More
    Posted by DNP3RD
    Smells & aura's
    Can certain smells trigger to have an Epileptic aura.I live in an apartment and my husband and i have been...More
    Posted by paulaj49
    Switching medicines
    I was on Carbatrol but I need to change to Carbamazepine same dosage. If I switch could I have problems??More
    Posted by deedeejan13
    Hi my name is Helen and my husband suffers from seizures that was brought on by lyme disease that went to his...More
    Posted by helchris
    searching for help
    Can hemp oi help my 6 month old grandson from having seizures? he has been diagnosed with Epilepsy and possibly...More
    Posted by derbal
    Just Diagnosed
    I had my first and only Grand Mall Seizure on Nov. 24 2015. Luckily I was home and my husband was with me....More
    Posted by debbiejean29
    Seizures are strong this week
    I had multiple since a week before Christmas and several before New Year. My fiance' is a former nurse...More
    Posted by anthonybrownii
    Advice about wife's seizure
    My wife awoke to severe abdominal pain the other night, feeling like gas pains. She went into the restroom...More
    Posted by An_266192
    I need 2nd view
    My son is 4yrs old. He had his 1st seizure last month lasted 30 sec unresponsive for 30 mins. No fever no...More
    Posted by Talula910
    Opinion on Doctor's Diagnosis
    Hello. I am seeking some opinions as to whether or not a particular Neurologist is recommending the right...More
    Posted by healthq1
    Only 3 seizures, now pregnant, & thoughts on drivi...
    Hey, so I'm trying to see what people's thoughts are of my situation. I'm a 31 year old female who had...More
    Posted by An_264625
    Weening off seizure meds
    Don't worry guys. I'm in no way considering it at the moment. Just curious. So, my neurologist wants me...More
    Posted by pandabear12212

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    • 10-15 years
    • 15 years
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    Return of seizures
    This month my "dizzy spells", seizures returned. I have the auro in my head prior to this. I had blood work...More
    Posted by An_264386
    Seizures or muscle spasms?
    I have started having times - usually a couple of minutes - when my body jerks, like a seizure, but I am...More
    Posted by An_264270
    what is the duration for a seizure and is the frequency of a seizure? how is it different from any other motion...More
    Posted by u26994

    Helpful Tips

    Make sure no changes are made to your medications…
    This letter has been created by the Epilepsy Foundation to make explicitly sure that no substitutions are made to your prescription without ... More
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