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    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: blacklight causes my vision to white out
    I just had this exact same experience for the first time the other day. I am 49 and can otherwise see fine
    Posted by Dayracing
    Reply: after cataract surgery
    1. You need a follow up eye exam. 2. The eye doctor will make sure that there are no problems with...More
    Reply: Eye Floaters
    Floaters are experienced by many people and are generally annoying but don't represent a dangerous...More
    Reply: My vision just went slanted
    It's not possible to know exactly what caused your temporary change in vision. A concern is a...More
    Reply: Clear fluid underneath area on white of eye w/pict...
    A fluid filled area in the white part of the eye after surgery could be related to the cataract...More
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: Cataracts
    Thank you, Dr. Kozarsky The information you provided is very helpful in order to make a good decision.More
    Posted by newperson2012
    Reply: Eye strain without digital devices
    update: my computer setup is well lit and made sure my eyes are far enough. I still experience eye strain...More
    Posted by mirroredeyes
    Blurring my eyes
    Hello, I'm wondering if this is unusual but a long time ago I found out that I am able to blur my eyes...More
    Posted by xxo222
    some kind of bubbles years after retina detachemen...
    Hello! I have detached retina detachment in the right eye, repaired with surgery, scleral buckling and...More
    Posted by gregflo
    Reply: Age Related Macular Deterioration and Glaucoma
    No definite scientific information at this time. There are proponents for its use with age related...More
    Reply: Please help me. Desperate for answers. Cornea scar...
    A late response to your question and I hope you are feeling much better. It sounds like your...More
    Reply: sore blood red eyes
    Could be a particularly bad case of pink eye (conjunctivitis) but given the discomfort and...More
    Reply: Age Related Macular Deterioration and Glaucoma
    Sounds like you and your doctor are doing all of the correct preventative measures. Nutritional...More
    Reply: PVD in early 40's
    Besides the reply already given by me, you may like to consult Madam Lelie Degner on web site...More
    Posted by bmiqq
    Age Related Macular Deterioration
    I am 83 years old. I was diagnosed with early AMD and slightly increased eye pressure in Sep, 2015 when I went to...More
    Posted by bmiqq
    Please help me. Desperate for answers. Cornea scar...
    My eye doctor told me that I had gotten a scar caused by old contacts, I discovered the discomfort...More
    Posted by askingeyequestions
    Please help with my contact issue.
    My eye doctor told me that I had gotten a scar caused by old contacts, I discovered the discomfort...More
    Posted by askingeyequestions
    Was this Helpful?
    Peripheral is shaky!
    I had brain surgery and was left with a shaky peripheral and eye blinking depending o the amount of light....More
    Posted by PrincessDC2
    Reply: whats wrong with my eye
    eye discomfort and redness which does not quickly resolve is a reason to see an eye doctor on an...More
    Reply: Help, black dot in my eye, very irritating
    Is this a foreign body (piece of metal or something like that) which needs to be removed? Eye...More
    Reply: Eye Scarring
    the pediatric ophthalmologist is primary doctor in helping you devise a way for your son to use the...More
    Reply: Floaters and light in right peripheral
    flashes and floaters in your vision represent a retinal tear until proven otherwise. you need to...More
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: Blinking peripheral vision when seeing bright colo...
    Thank you for your opinion. I've done some research before and all I could conclude is also a migraine -...More
    Posted by overjoysed
    Help, black dot in my eye, very irritating
    I have a freak black dot on the edge of my iris it's very red around out it's itchy and feels like...More
    Posted by Laurisa1988
    Reply: Red Eyes, etc.
    It sounds like you are being treated for iritis (inflammation in the front, inside part of your...More
    Reply: Eye Fatigue Issue?
    You need to start by telling your primary care physician about the symptom of lightheadedness. This...More
    Reply: Dark Circles
    In my experience, the "sudden" appearance of eyelid changes is more a new observation than an...More
    Reply: My eye is swollen and red
    There are a large number of possibilities causing a red itchy eye with swollen eyelid. This would...More
    Reply: Pink Eye
    Entirely possible that drops may be causing more harm then good at this point. They can be...More
    are my eyes alright?
    Lately i have been noticing my vision is getting a little worse. I dont have issues reading or seeing far away...More
    Posted by sethtb

    Featuring Experts

    Alan Kozarsky, MD, is one of the leading corneal, cataract, and vision correction specialists in the country and was selected again this year by Atla...More

    Helpful Tips

    46 yr old female diagnosed with punder my pink eye
    there is a lump on the inside of my left eyes it almost looks like a big pimple or cyst..i went to a walk in and they told me it was pink ... More
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