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    Swollen Upper Abs
    I've noticed in the last few weeks that my upper abs protrude and are larger than normal. I felt it when I...More
    Posted by An_267855
    resistance bands
    Anybody know some good exercises to do with resistance bands?
    Posted by daynas1234
    exercises for after receiving stent in right coron...
    my husband had a heart attack a week ago. he has been walking across the street and around the house. No...More
    Posted by An_267824
    having trouble finding motivation
    I'm very overweight for my height of 5'6 and i walk daily on my treadmill for ten minutes but i feel that is...More
    Posted by daynas1234
    Web MD Fitness tool
    When I click on "get started" nothing happens. Is this a known problem?
    Posted by KMARBOURG
    Hard time climbing anything!
    I can walk forever on a flat surface but as soon as I start climbing I get extremely short of breath and...More
    Posted by Travelbug11
    See Saw
    I have been heavy my entire life. I have dieted, exercised, lost ect then something happens and I go into a...More
    Posted by Cammy1126
    Just got a jump rope
    So I decided to buy a jump rope... I will use this probably in my garage to exercise... I should probably...More
    Posted by Maxcorpious

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    Old School New Body Fitness Program?
    Has anyone used this program? If so, is it effective? Pros? Cons?
    Posted by Grammybc

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    Is the Old School New Body Fitness program effective
    Stuck on one weight
    I lost 45lbs in a year. Now I'm stuck can't get the rest of the weight off. I have a fitbit to help me with...More
    Posted by An_267540
    Frustrated with progress
    I'm going to the gym 3-4 times a week taking Circuit Training, Boot Camp and Challenge classes 45 min to 1 hr....More
    Posted by mcphesh
    Giving my body a break from food at 8PM till 8AM
    I have been running my sign business out of my home for the last 33 years which as you know the fridge...More
    Posted by Inspiredbylife

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    Walking but not losing
    I have been walking at least 14k steps per day and I don't see any real weight loss. I eat pretty well,...More
    Posted by kateyes1128
    Extreme scalp itch when exercising and other circu...
    I'm 17 years old and I'm a cyclist. This started about a month ago during one of my races. A couple...More
    Posted by vincelam1998
    Belly Help?
    Over the last 14 months, I've lost 50 lbs, 263 to 213 on a 6'1" frame. Problem is that although my belly...More
    Posted by houstonbeerman
    Thoughts on using a personal trainer
    I have just got into exercising and I am considering the idea of hiring a personal trainer. - What are...More
    Posted by brose005
    Excercise and FIbromyalgia
    I want to start exercising to help me firm up, but any time I go to the gym it aggravates my Fibro. Is...More
    Posted by Butaflies1978
    When the company does routine health screenings they use your height and weight ONLY to measure BMI. I feel...More
    Posted by An_267376
    Counting Steps Challenge
    I recently started a step counting challenge and I thought this was going to be so easy for me due to the...More
    Posted by An_267371
    charting exercise
    I have noticed that some of my entries come up under Tracker and some come up under Health Record. What's the...More
    Posted by DJC55
    Does anybody else lose weight in bursts?
    I'll be working out, mostly weight lifting but some walking and everyday living type of exercise along with...More
    Posted by rohvannyn

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    Interval TrainingExpert
    Hello Everyone, I mentioned in my Losing Belly Fat post that aerobic exercise will help, and if you want to increase your fitness quickly ... More
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