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    Drink water before bedtime
    it is beneficial to drink a glass of water before bedtime . It helps to cleanse our body. It maintains...More
    Posted by joycee_bastain
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    Feel the Burn !
    I wanted to loose weight and found that walking was NOT making a difference in my weight . Very frustrating I...More
    Posted by watergun
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    ab workout
    here is a ten minutes ab workout ...More
    Posted by jimmykahn
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    More Than 7 Diet Tips to Lose Weight
    The food that you just eat is of nice importance for you to slim. If you would like to slim, here square...More
    Posted by Mostagfera
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    Fast Fat Loss - Facts & Tips You Should Know
    How to make Fat loss fast: 1. Lower your Calorie intake: Take an estimate of calorie intake and identify...More
    Posted by sfonseka
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    I love using Pandora during my workouts, then on my heaviest set, I use the song Indestructible from Disturbed!
    Posted by jmiles55
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    Exercise should be fun
    Make exercising fun! Don't think of it as a chore you have to do when you get home from work. Work out at a...More
    Posted by AndyJ91328
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    Add exercise daily
    Take the stairs instead of the elevator or park further away from the store to add in some extra exercise...More
    Posted by An_266026
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    Working out
    I started working out 3 times a week. Light weights and over the course of the year worked up to 5-7 days a...More
    Posted by Chico41632
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    Join a local gym for motivation.
    Posted by An_265916
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    Looking for a new great workout?
    Join a Crossfit gym around you.
    Posted by An_265215
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    The amount of time you are sore depends on your body, level of fitness at that point in time and how hard...More
    Posted by TinaG59161
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    I have been using this app for the past year and I love it. I am learning how to be a runner.....
    Posted by stparker
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    Marathon Training
    I've incorporated tempo runs, speed workouts and hill work into my training regime. These have all helped me...More
    Posted by An_264898
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    Healthy Energy Drink
    A friend turned me onto a product from Advocare called Spark. Very few calories and gives me an energy boost...More
    Posted by dadwheels
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    Stevia user
    I have used Stevia for is not the best tasting, but I like that it is calorie free.
    Posted by Vicki2015
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    I rediscovered Zumba and am getting great results. Such a fun activity!
    Posted by An_259978
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    My fitnesspal app
    I like to use the my fitness pal to track my exercises and my calories from food
    Posted by An_259694
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    Good exercise app
    A good exercise app for powerlifting/bodybuilding for droid phones is the 5/3/1 app. It is a spreadsheet that...More
    Posted by An_264223
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    if you havent done it in a while don't overdo it the frist week or two.
    Posted by An_263970
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    Water aerobics
    Water aerobics does not put the stress on your knees, ankles and/or back.
    Posted by An_263754
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    Instead of the old safe routines, join a crossfit and before you know it the hour passes by and in a few weeks...More
    Posted by rmr1970
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    Exercise at Your Desk
    I do stretching and some exercising at my desk.
    Posted by mackysback2
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    oil rub
    rub olive oil on rectum
    Posted by An_263555
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    weight gain
    you will see weight gain for the first month or so then it will drop off your body is trying to compensate...More
    Posted by alcon21357
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    grapefruit to loose weight
    While exercising when you eat grapefruits it helps to kill and burn the fatty tissue I weighed 125 lbs. a...More
    Posted by dwhite2014
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    Helpful Tips

    Interval TrainingExpert
    Hello Everyone, I mentioned in my Losing Belly Fat post that aerobic exercise will help, and if you want to increase your fitness quickly ... More
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