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    Reply: depression
    That could be a big part of it right there. I know the thyroid isn't all of it, but when I don't get my...More
    Posted by rohvannyn
    Reply: Medication problesms
    How is your son doing in day-to-day life? Does he go to school and/or work? Typically medication is only a...More
    Posted by momuv4girls
    Reply: Need some advice helping my wife with her depressi...
    I agree with Kathleen. Additionally, couples counseling is at least a step in the right direction. Ideally,...More
    Posted by rohvannyn
    Reply: depressed
    I'll bet there are folks who will be willing to talk. Also, I can talk to you here, I tend to be on monday...More
    Posted by rohvannyn

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    hi can someone be my go to person because my mom passed April 19 this year?
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    Welcome to anyone out there!
    Hello out there... if you come upon this group and want someone to talk to, dive right in. I'll be there at...More
    Posted by rohvannyn
    Reply: Help yourself
    Definitely. At some point each person needs to make that decision to be an adult and do what needs to be...More
    Posted by rohvannyn
    Reply: not trying to be a witch
    I used to work as an in-home caregiver so I can relate a bit. You folks on the medical side have my respect! ...More
    Posted by rohvannyn
    Reply: Stopped Meds
    I definitely understand how difficult it can be to deal with someone in that headspace. In the past it's...More
    Posted by rohvannyn
    Reply: Spouse of depressed husband
    Welcome to the group! Do you know why he stopped his meds? Was it the doctor/therapist's decision,...More
    Posted by rohvannyn
    Reply: Hi!
    Cool, thanks for the tip! I'll put this up as a resource for others, too.
    Posted by rohvannyn
    Supportive Nutrition for those who are depressed
    As a family member of someone who is depressed, it can be helpful to make sure the depressed person is...More
    Posted by rohvannyn
    5 Minutes to a Better Day More
    Posted by rohvannyn
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    Ways to Help Depression
    Here is a link to the discussion over in the Depression Community: ...More
    Posted by rohvannyn
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    Spotlight: Member Stories

    hello, all -- i have severe loss of hearing, migraines, sleep apnea, irritable bowel syndrome, and clinical depression. the hearing loss, the migrai...More

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