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    It gets better
    Hello fellow GERD sufferers. I really want to tell my story! Maybe it will help somebody, or give somebody...More
    Posted by An_261922
    My Globus Hystericus Resolved-Please Read.
    Hi dear globus hystericus sufferers. I feel for you like noone else, that is the reason I decided to write in...More
    Posted by tati084
    Hiatus Hernia.
    Hello to anyone that can help me out.Would like to know more about hiatus hernia.I'm sure that's what is giving...More
    Posted by azual
    Recent diagnosis
    I have been diagnosed within the past year at age 21 because I was more often than not throwing up after...More
    Posted by An_261684
    I had Nissen Fundoplication 2 years ago and I still have bitter, sour afwul taste in my mouth and its causing...More
    Posted by rico33
    Maximizing Your Muscle-Building Potential
    Nutra Tosterone On earth they have submitted that she finds it hard to say no to Declan so I've lined up a...More
    Posted by An_261620
    Been having the same feelings for over two weeks n...
    Started after I went to the urgent care for a sinus infection, was giving meds to clear it up instead gave my uti...More
    Posted by tee77
    Herbal facts With Skin Care Supplement
    Them in France and she said that to me Andy's the Pasch Hall Aaron is simply a Nouvebelle Anti Aging Cream ...More
    Posted by An_261539
    restless nights
    can anyone help me and tell me the thing that can help me to have a peaceful nights cause I hardly sleep bcoz...More
    Posted by An_261529
    Gain Muscle By Increasing Nutrient Utilization
    Action Sunday December 9 which is you know that you know who I am sorry pasha -9 is on I think being and Sun...More
    Posted by An_261518
    What you put in your mouth makes you sick!! Is Foo...
    I am no doctor but after years of food irritation in my stomach sounds like your stomach is starting to...More
    Posted by tanyahall
    Functional Dyspepsia - Antidepressants
    Hello, I am 36 years old and for the past 2 months have had a ton of belching and some nausea. My Dr. tried...More
    Posted by taylorsma
    Chest Pain
    I have been suffering from some severe chest pain over the last two weeks. It started with what I thought...More
    Posted by joshuacotts
    gerd chest pain
    I have had gerd for 2 years and a hiatal hernia. I have bad chest pains, does anyone else get chest pains,if...More
    Posted by An_261233
    Suffering from GERD
    Hello, I'm 23 and about three weeks ago started suffering my first symptoms of GERD. The first week of my...More
    Posted by tailabrown
    Chest Discomfort
    I had a stent put in almost 2 years ago and have another artery that is 40% closed and now I am having chest...More
    Posted by swathen101
    Acid reflux/possible ulcer?
    Hello! [br>I've had acid reflux that would come and go for days for the past year. Right now I've had nightly...More
    Posted by emch95
    A Testemonial
    [blockquote>Seth Testimonial I met Giora back in March of 2013 when I started walking his dog, Bailey. I own...More
    Posted by zgiora
    Living hell
    Hi I'm 34 years old and have had problems 4 over 2 years it all started when I was diagnosed with h pylori I...More
    Posted by blue34
    Breast Pain with Gerd?
    I have been having pain in my left breast, and I went to my GYN and she told me to take 800 mg ibuprofen for...More
    Posted by vaphyllis
    Acid Reflux
    I have been hoarse for 2 months now, have sore throat also. Went to doctor, had blood tests done. Doc says...More
    Posted by missvicki61
    I am a 51 year old woman and have always prided myself having a stomach of iron. For approximately 6-8 weeks...More
    Posted by iggibtful
    I need to make frequent trips to the toilet for additional paper work , Is it possibly a perticular food...More
    Posted by rustyclemens
    Is this reflux? Pls help.
    Hi everyone, I have had acid reflux for 9 years. I started nexium 9 years ago and, until recently,...More
    Posted by michelle_m225

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    I'm 25 years old. This past Monday (10/4/2010) was the first time I have experienced upper abdominal pain at night. It seems to be worse at nigh...More

    Helpful Tips

    I too, had severe chest pain. Dr. ordered tests for heart. Did not have heart problems. Physicians Assistant told me to take Nexiun & ... More
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