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    Missed period. Cramping and spotting.
    So.. i haven't had a period since February. Never tested. I've been spotting slightly for about 5 min/day for...More
    Posted by An_267421
    Extended Period + IUD + probable Endo- what do I d...
    So, I have an odd medical situation, and I'm not sure whether it's an unfortunate confluence of...More
    Posted by humanist_peach
    miscarraige and provera
    I d&c in January. Since I have no period. I finished a 10 day regime of provera on Sunday. Should I be...More
    Posted by An_267416
    No underarm hair
    I no longer have underarm hair , I'm also thinning in my head hair. I do have addisons but the hair thing is...More
    Posted by An_267409
    birth control
    how long after recieving the depo shot should you wait before sexual activity
    Posted by An_267401
    How does vitamin d affect reproductive health?
    Vitamin D is good for women. Women who are pregnant or who are willing to get pregnant both need vitamin...More
    Posted by joycee_bastain
    Is an endometrial biopsy actually needed?
    I recently had a pap test that showed benign endo cells in it. When the pap was done I was on day 7 of my...More
    Posted by Tamsha25
    Ovarian cyst v pregnancy
    I have a history of ovarian cysts over the last two years but in the last two weeks have had a lot of...More
    Posted by Trinners
    Vaginal canker sores after taking bactrim ds.
    I was diagnosed with a UTI and was prescribed the antibiotic Bactrim DS. A day or two after starting it I...More
    Posted by An_267387
    Pap smears
    Why have they stop pap swears for momen under the age of 21.i had my first one when i was almost 8. I dont...More
    Posted by An_267383
    Long lasting Ovarian Cyst
    So long story short me & my husband got pregnant in November of 2012. In March of 2013, I had my first...More
    Posted by momtomason30
    Mirena for PMS/PMDD?
    I have well-controlled bipolar, but struggle with significant PMS/PMDD. I discussed this with my...More
    Posted by An_250997
    bleeding really bad after waiting 4 days to have s...
    waited four days then had sex and bleed really bad during sex. Is that normal or what dose it mean? More
    Posted by auburn22
    need opinions!
    Hi, for about 2-3 weeks now I've been experiencing pretty frequent hot flashes/chills, insomnia(i wake up with...More
    Posted by bbr1113
    Anyone ever had a swollen vulva?
    I've noticed in the past week that my vulva seemed to be getting bigger. Its not painful, and if you press...More
    Posted by anonymous
    My 4 year old is complaining of a feeling a heart ...
    My 4 year old is complaining of a heart beat feeling in her vagina. She says it feels like its "bumbin" I...More
    Posted by An_267343
    My 4 year old is complaining of a feeling a heart ...
    My 4 year old is complaining of a heart beat feeling in her vagina. She says it feels like its "bumbin" I...More
    Posted by An_267343
    Tenderness in abdomen after intercourse, post tota...
    I had total hysterectomy last year in June. Ever since then, every time my husband and I have intercourse I'm...More
    Posted by An_267341
    After a Hysterectomy
    Its been 11 months since my hysterectomy. In the last 2 weeks I have been having sharp pains in my...More
    Posted by ConcernedinNYC
    hello please I need your help
    I just got my pap smear results. I'm scare with the diagnosis which is: epithelial cell abnormality, low...More
    Posted by An_267336
    Please help. I get too much discharge. What birth ...
    I am looking for a birth control pill to take that will cause some vaginal dryness as I naturally get too much...More
    Posted by Tired718
    Does the birth control pill reduce or dry up vagin...
    I've been having some issues with increased, excessive discharge for a few years now. My doctor has taken...More
    Posted by Tired718
    yeast infection related to mirena?
    Please help! I am 43 years old. I have never had a yeast infection until after i had the mirena inserted. I...More
    Posted by Anon_59335
    I had a very light period several weeks ago and now I have a very heavy period lasting for more that 7 days. I am...More
    Posted by ja234

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