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    hepatitis b cure
    My Mother had been diagnosed of Hepatitis B disease 3 years ago. She had been using the interferon therapy...More
    Posted by An_267750
    Reply: Auto Immune Hepatitis
    Hi there, First off, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the Hepatitis...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Clean 31 years just tested pos for Hep C
    Hi DOGLOVER929, Have you expressed these concerns to your doctor? I agree with you that this does seem...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Viekera Pak and Ribavirin??
    Hi Scattered, I'm sorry to hear that you're having a tough time! I can completely understand that...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: AIH
    Hi zomar323, I am happy to hear of your positive prognosis. If you check out Imuran in the WebMD Drugs...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: Eradicated Hep C Still Dangerous?
    My Mother had been diagnosed of Hepatitis B disease 3 years ago. She had been using the interferon therapy...More
    Posted by An_267750
    Hepatitis genotype indeterminate
    Can someone tell me what this means . I have read some but I still don't know what it means exactly. Please...More
    Posted by asorofman
    Reply: christian l
    christian, I can help u . 10yrs. ago I went through 3 yrs. shots everyday ribion... the pill. I don't...More
    Posted by vickietate
    Reply: Does taking the drug Ribavirin, in 1200mg concentr...
    get off this drug. get on the pill if u can
    Posted by vickietate
    Hep B Vaccination
    My daughter received the three doses of the Hepatitis B shot going back to 2008. She received the 3rd dose 2...More
    Posted by dharris321
    Hepatitis A twice and drink
    Hi 5 years ago I was diagnosed with hehatitisA and told you can only get it once ,6 weeks ago I was...More
    Posted by Ambleside1
    Chemo for hep c
    Is chemotherapy helping for hep c.
    Posted by Mack1234
    Reply: Just needing people to talk to that understands......
    There are millions of people with hep c. Search for hep c forums and you will see many going through this I...More
    Posted by LeftyLOSVR
    Anyone have AIH & PCB ?
    Hi newbie here, has anyone experienced AIH & PCB together ? Was diagnosed 10 years ago and only took Urso...More
    Posted by pattimcd
    Reply: is it illegal not to tell someone you have hep c a...
    It is not illegal and there are awareness groups everywhere. If I knew a man like that spreading this...More
    Posted by leftylofreed
    Reply: I'm only 22 and was just told I have Hepatitis.
    First let me say that I'm very sorry that you've been presented with this news. But you will find help...More
    Posted by givingback944
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: Introduce yourself- roll call!
    Jimmy I feel your need for answers. I am a survivor whose recovery went on for 4 years including a liver...More
    Posted by hopefulforall
    hep c need info please help
    Hi I have hep c genotype 3b I guess it's a rare strain I'm 29 my viral load has gone from 10thousand to...More
    Posted by trashcaneater86
    Hepatitis C Transmission Question
    Hello. My sister has Hepatitis C and she forgot her toothpaste here about a month ago and i just accidently...More
    Posted by Kenny88
    Reply: hep c
    Hi and welcome to the community! It is great that you are doing research and learning as much as you can to...More
    Posted by atti_editor
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: Auto-Immune Hepatitis
    I also have both. I haven't started treatment yet either. It's really a slow process with GAP. I'm grateful for...More
    Posted by sroger
    What kind of liver disease is consistent with this...
    the patient was a 32yr old female, her liver upon gross examination was normal size, color and smooth. The...More
    Posted by venchenza84
    Hep c type 3
    Test results came today Genotype 3 Viral load 6580000 Less than 34 Can any one tell abt seriousness of...More
    Posted by Excise
    Viekira treatment for HVC
    Today I received a call from the VA Hospital and next week I start a 12 week treatment with Viekira. Can...More
    Posted by microzap
    Reply: Living with someone who has hep c
    Other "dispicable" ways of contracting this disease can be a disease itself... Addiction. Which has...More
    Posted by WintersMomma
    Imuran reactions
    I was diagnosed in April of 2015. I've tried Imuran twice and had to stop . I felt flu like for days even...More
    Posted by SusanOb15
    Is anyone on Harvoni now? After 2 weeks it came back cleared after two weeks. I'm trying not to get...More
    Posted by smilingbookreader
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: After treatment hair loss questions
    I am happy to know your hair grew back. When I was on ym 2nd treatment back in 2005, I had my head...More
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: Doctors - Can you tell me about Fibroscan?
    MOST Insurance companies are not paying for this and it is expensive! $300 to $350 out of your pocket. And...More
    Posted by undefined
    have i recovered
    was hbsag + for over 8 yrs . now my recent tests shows hbsag - hbsab + quant. 17.2 u/ml and hbvdna by pcr...More
    Posted by jurneez

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    Grapefruit Juice-Simple
    There has been a study at the Boston MA Hospital about pure and simple grapefruit juice. It WORKS!!!!! I have been on 3 txs including ... More
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