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    Reply: Could I be positive? (Terrified:( )
    ARS (the first stage of HIV occurs two to six weeks after transmission, not 2 1/2 months later. Your lump...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: HIV testing Question
    There is really no need to go to a physician for that issue. GailMore
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Peritoneal Dialysis
    Nope... GailMore
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Hiv risk, giving/receiving oral and condom break
    Antigen testing before 1 month. Or, antibody testing at 3 months. And please stop asking if you think I...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Sharp Teeth + BJ = Scraped Cheeks + HIV Worry
    Sorry; I have no idea if your dentist would do that for the reason you describe. GailMore
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Unprotected/Protected insertive oral with shaving ...
    Hi gail, If u dont want to help close this forum.or banned me. Just telling no risk is not enough without...More
    Posted by tensesid
    Reply: Risk
    My suggestion? Take a screening test (there are good home screening test kits if you need to do it this...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: how to mitigate used of medicine by the HIV patien...
    Hi there and thanks for posting, If the person infected with HIV does these things , then that person...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: do i have hope , p66 detected
    "On july 22nd event, Csw did oral on me with condom." Unprotected oral sex in itself is EXTREMELY small...More
    Posted by georgiagail

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    Reply: HIV from kissing risk
    1. No 3. Zero risk. 4. Please don't worry about this. Folks really don't go around sticking others with...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: how to mitigate used of medicine by the HIV patien...
    Medication for HIV has come a long way over the years; down from the many doses of medications required...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Oraquick at 6.5 weeks?
    Okay I tested NEGATIVE!! thank you for all the help. at 86 days i will say conclusive.
    Posted by accurateornot
    Reply: Alere Determine HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab combo
    Yes; this is a very accurate test. If you had been infected back in 2013 you would certainly be producing...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Still paranoid about oraquick and HIV
    Bacterial infections would cause one sided swelling. Perhaps some bacteria entered the system during the...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Needle prick?
    Your chances are zero that some guy goes to a club and waits around for someone to ask him for gum so he...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Actual Transmission Risk
    The RNA test checks for the presence of the actual virus (as opposed to the more common ELISA screening...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Fingerprick Blood HIV-1/2 P24 Antigen/Antibody Com...
    I've already told you that you are HIV negative. That's good news! GailMore
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: HIV risk from Brief anal
    Unless that extremely low risk from oral sex continues to bother you (in which case a simple screening test...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: worried again
    "if the test tube is not clened properly means(becoz there was a brown spot in the tube)can it transfer...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Protected intercourse with a sex work while on her...
    Absolutely zero. Even if this person was HIV positive transmission can only occur by the virus actually...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Low risk exposure and Oraquick
    Your nails were not bleeding at the time of the this event. There is no risk here (even IF this person even...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Ease of transmission
    "Could the HIV virus have found it's way into my enlarged pores?" Nope "What about a scab on my face?" ...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Ease of transmission
    Hello, I went to a strip club last April. Several hours before (maybe five or six) I impulsively squeezed a...More
    Posted by moggy1982
    Reply: I need some confidence please
    Yes; if you use the test your results will be exactly the same as all the other tests you have undergone.
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: I need some confidence please
    Sorry I posted it twice
    Posted by Steve918
    I need some confidence please
    Hello Gail I am single 28 years old male, keep my story short: August 2013: Unprotected sex with a girl for...More
    Posted by Steve918
    Reply: Risk of HIV?
    There is no risk here.
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Worried
    Oral sex carries an extremely low risk (.5 to 1 per 10,000 exposures with a source KNOWN to carry the...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: kaposi sarcoma on ankle and wrist
    Yes; as was stated above, this unusual tumor is seen when one has been infected (and untreated) for a very...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: autoimmune disorders (Hashimoto's thyroiditis)
    No need for further testing.
    Posted by georgiagail

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    heres my point
    stay away from needles unless your health depends on it...and for christs sake dont share them. too late for me to heed that advice. dying ... More
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