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    What's Happening Now

    Reply: Nausea after knee replacement therapy
    I had surgery three weeks ago and I have been sick since then with nausea. I understand what your mom is...More
    Posted by 123cookiee
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: one year after knee replacement
    For myself, I cannot find a doctor that will do a second opinion. My original surgeon says I cannot get, an...More
    Posted by doopity
    Reply: pain and swelling after knee replacement
    Hello- I had a LEFT TKR (also with both Ligaments repaired, & a new MCL fashioned from mesh, & 2...More
    Posted by faron79
    Reply: What is a coach for total knee replacement patient...
    Hi there, DoubleD8286! Here is a link to some information about how a coach can help after a joint...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: TKR and leg swelling with rash
    Hi zochepiggy, Have you seen a doctor since the last time you posted? Keep us posted. We are here...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: 3rd knee replacement
    Hi again! I'm glad to hear that. Are you feeling any better?More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Steroids and Knee Replacement
    I have a friend of mine having knee surgery today as a result of having taken steroids for another health...More
    Posted by MaryKimBaker
    Reply: 9 months post total knee replacement
    yes I had surgery 3 weeks ago and now have been having swelling in my knee, too, Have you tried icing it...More
    Posted by bjw2016
    Reply: Chronic groin pain after hip replacement
    My husband is experiencing the same symptoms after his hip replacement (the anterior approach). How long did...More
    Posted by Slckindle
    Reply: Shoulder replacement
    Hi there, I'm so sorry to hear that you are suffering both physically and emotionally. Making the...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Obesity and hip replacement
    Hi there and thanks for posting, Everyone's weight loss journey is different. If you feel as though the...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Post PKR pain
    I am a 68 year old male, who had a PKR 18 months ago. The last few months I have been experiencing pain in...More
    Posted by topkick642
    Shoulder replacement pros and cons
    I smashed my arm and shoulder joint into pieces on a ski trip. Had emergency surgery in France but now...More
    Posted by An_267703

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    Should i have a shoukder replacement
    Shoulder replacement pros and cons
    I smashed my arm and shoulder joint into pieces on a ski trip. Had emergency surgery in France but now...More
    Posted by An_267703
    Reply: Inversion table
    Using a little trigonometry, at 15 deg of inversion you are experiencing about 25% of body weight. With 65%...More
    Posted by WilliamHJr
    Reply: TKR with spinal anesthesia
    just had bilateral knee replacement last week, and had a spinal with sedation. It worked really well for me!...More
    Posted by jwlink58
    Reply: Knee Replacement
    just had bilateral knee replacements last Wed., 6/8, and had a spinal with sedation. It worked great for me!...More
    Posted by jwlink58
    new proceedure
    My doctor recommended both knees be replaced.has there been success more than problems with the...More
    Posted by Swanderer01
    Possible hip replacement failure.
    I'm 50 years old and had both my hips were replaced in 2011.(R-January 2011/L-December-2011). In the past 2...More
    Posted by buck62
    I am writing for my sister. She is a reading specialist and takes small groups of students to help them with...More
    Posted by janlin123
    Reply: 7 1/2 months post TKR and still in more pain then ...
    Glad you found someone to listen to you and hope the revision goes well ! From what I see in my records I don't...More
    Posted by spyac3
    Continued pain after hip surgery
    In October I had arthroscopic surgery of the left hip for a work injury. I have been through several...More
    Posted by MrWilsoninElPaso
    Reply: Knee Replacement
    do you know what implant was used? the reason I ask is I am also having problems and don't think I'm getting...More
    Posted by spyac3
    hip replacement
    My husband had a hip replacement 7 weeks ago. He is doing good. He has pain in his hip when he stands up and...More
    Posted by An_267557
    Reply: TNR pain and lack of progress
    I do not have any swelling but I do have muscle stiffnes and some cramps but thats it. Its stretch stretch...More
    Posted by okokokjohn
    Reply: Hip Replacement Tips?
    Hi kellyhartle, It sounds like you are pretty well set for when your husband comes home from surgery. ...More
    Posted by atti_editor
    Reply: Active Duty Military
    I haven't had my knees replaced yet but steroid injections and pills from my Dr caused my osteocondrotis I...More
    Posted by Aqhagirl
    26 year old having partial knee replacement surger...
    I'm 26 as my topic says and I'm having partial knee replacement surgery done on Monday. It could end up being...More
    Posted by Aqhagirl
    Reply: R TKR
    No testing until Oct 16????????????? WTH is wrong with that Dr you have to go to someone else that is horrible....More
    Posted by lv2lose
    Visionaire Knee
    Good morning, I am a 60 year old female, I am scheduled to have a total right knee replacement using the...More
    Posted by Ctb55

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    Pain after Knee ReplacmentExpert
    For most people a knee replacement can predictably eliminate pain and restore function. This is not to say that the operation is not ... More
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