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    What's Happening Now

    Reply: Lisinopril & Lupus
    I was diagnosed with drug induced lupus after taking lisinipril which has drug induced lupus as one of the...More
    Posted by cpruitt221
    Reply: Pittsburgh or Bust!!!
    Do you live in the Pittsburgh area? ... and did you ever have breast implants they are known to cause...More
    Posted by DowCorning
    Reply: Energy tip
    I'm SO happy to hear that. And I am thankful that you shared this with the Lupus Community. It's people...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: prednisone and weight gain
    Hi there and thanks for posting, It says here that here that anti-inflammatory steroid medications...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Labwork
    Hi Blessed69, Have you asked your doctor what your results mean? He/she would be the best person to...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Benlysta infusion for SLE Lupus
    Thank you. I am on my 5 treatment and I am feeling so much more energy and less pressure and swelling in my...More
    Posted by dkarim1019
    ANA cells in lung wash samples? Diffuse Alveolar H...
    What I know from Pulmonology: I have some form of Interstitial Lung Disease. I have a history of joint pain...More
    Posted by PixieBSN
    Discoid Lupus
    I have Discoid Lupus , been looking everywhere on internet & can't find info on this questions,...More
    Posted by Steinmeier
    prednisone and weight gain
    What are the chances of weight gain being on prednisone for 26 days? The first 14 days are 25 mg. The next 6...More
    Posted by An_267568
    Lupus or not??
    Hi Everyone, I need some advice. I've been having moderate to severe joint pain, headaches, rashes on both...More
    Posted by An_267447
    Reply: just diagnosed
    Keep in mind lupus flares are episodic. Might have a bad week and then be fine for months. Change of seasons...More
    Posted by mopsie48
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: Lupus Findings
    think you should have more test done becausejust because you dont test positive for lupus doesnt mean you...More
    Posted by symonssays
    you are not alone
    Being tired is part of the territory. I complained for 30 years before I was properly diagnosed. I had...More
    Posted by Blessed1237
    Reply: Vegan Diets for Lupus treatment
    I am Vegetarian and am currently going even more plant based (dont like the term vegan as they can be...More
    Posted by FreeSpiritSteph
    Reply: Severe Leg Cramp(s)
    Also I drink plenty of water only water to be exact I take potassium and B-12 also on 50000 vitamin D2
    Posted by yvern
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: Tracking Your Lupus Triggers
    My eyes are red almost all the is very embarrassing to me. I was told to use eye drops but do...More
    Posted by miletich
    Benlysta infusion for SLE Lupus
    Good Afternoon, I'm writing this to find out if anyone has tried benlysta infusion. I'm on my second...More
    Posted by dkarim1019
    Reply: Lupus Discoides and Breast Cancer Chemotherapy
    so sorry for your daughter my sister in law was diagnosed just recenty with Breast Cancer she has had Lupus...More
    Posted by A49ersfn1
    Reply: Multiple questions new to group
    I don't have an answer, but if you are still having pain tell your doctor you CAN'T wait and see! I hope you...More
    Posted by lunachix
    Reply: Itchy fingers, with small bumps
    I had this same exact problem and when i started taking megared you get at wal mart the blister bumps have...More
    Posted by undefined
    weight loss
    Has anyone tried Garcinia Cambogia? Any side effects with Lupus meds? Cellcept and plaquenill Hopefully, the...More
    Posted by An_266849
    weight loss
    Has anyone tried Garcinia Cambogia? Any side effects with Lupus meds? Cellcept and plaquenill Hopefully, the...More
    Posted by An_266849
    Reply: diverticulitis anyone?
    Rena, unfortunately lupus can be ruthless and it can affect every organ in the body with studies showing...More
    Posted by Naturegirl65
    Reply: Is it Lupus??
    Hi, so many questions, what tests are being done to confirm that you have lupus? Yes, ALL of the symptoms...More
    Posted by Naturegirl65
    Can someone please tell me the differences in fibromyalgia and lupus????? Do you HAVE TO HAVE the rash on...More
    Posted by slw1962
    Reply: Hello
    Hi, I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia since 2004. Then in 3014, all of the above symptoms I had plus a...More
    Posted by 65Howell
    Is it Lupus??
    I am being tested for Lupus. I'm wondering if any of you with it have problems with heavy feeling eyes, chills,...More
    Posted by slw1962
    Lupus ?????
    I'm being tested for Lupus. Can anyone tell me if symptoms of Lupus could be chills , eye pain and emflammed...More
    Posted by slw1962
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: Lupus and sweating everyday
    I just found out I have Lupus before Christmas.............reading up on it.............I think I have had it...More
    Posted by miletich
    Reply: Methotrexate
    Thanks I'll not take that again since I've taken it the end of October I've had discomfort in my lower abdomen...More
    Posted by softee2

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    Minimizing steroid side effectsExpert
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