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    Energy tip
    For those of you struggling with energy and fatigue, I would like to share what has helped me. For the...More
    Posted by Brookeroni
    Was this Helpful?
    I'm been fighting SLE my whole life. It took 5 years and a bunch of Doctors for me to get diagnosed....More
    Posted by rvincoletto
    Was this Helpful?
    Lupus and pyschosis
    If you or a family member has Lupus and is suffering from psychosis of any form, it is imperative that you...More
    Posted by dano330pilot
    Was this Helpful?
    mouth/nose soars
    I get soars in my nose a couple times a month and never really knew this was the reason. I also get really...More
    Posted by An_259530
    Was this Helpful?
    My lupus story
    I was diagnosed with SLE and fibromyalgia about 2 1/2 years ago although I had symptoms for several years...More
    Posted by pooser25962
    Was this Helpful?
    Music Video Tips on Managing Chronic Pain!
    My newest music video, hope you guys like it! HUGS and ♥, JJ "Never doubt that a small group of...More
    Posted by jujubeee714
    Was this Helpful?
    Calcium and womens' mortality
    Recently, some studies have suggested that Calcium supplementation is associated with...More
    Was this Helpful?
    Cancer Risk with Salmon Calcitonin More
    Was this Helpful?
    My wife has the same issues with swelling especially in the summer. I usually have her elevate her legs,...More
    Posted by JimShorts4Jim
    Was this Helpful?
    Posted by dlscottie
    Was this Helpful?
    There is a big connection between stress and lupus. Although it doesn't actually cause...More
    Was this Helpful?
    Nutrition, Omega-3 fatty acids and Gluten.
    We keep putting stuff into our bodies that we shouldn't be and often we put too much....More
    Was this Helpful?
    One of the most important strategies in managing Lupus is exercise. Leading a sedentary...More
    Was this Helpful?
    Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome
    All Lupus patients are at risk to get antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. There are few...More
    Was this Helpful?
    Is it possible to get off steroids?
    Steroids are produced in the adrenal gland and you need some amount of steroid hormone...More
    Was this Helpful?
    Is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) safe for Lupu...
    Yes, HRT is safe since they're not high doses of hormones. There was a clinical trial...More
    Was this Helpful?
    Vitamin D
    Vitamin D is a big player in Lupus. Across the country there is a prevalence of vitamin...More
    Was this Helpful?
    Methotrexate Side Effects
    I found this tip in the community discussions, and it has been most helpful for me. I was having severe...More
    Posted by MaryConcordNC
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    Nose sores
    I have been using aloe vera gel from a capsul for my nose sores. Makes them feel better.
    Posted by An_248196
    Was this Helpful?
    Lupus-itchy skin-pls help
    I have been diagnosed with skin lupus and I have very bad itchiness all over. Like under the skin itch with...More
    Posted by Tgirl6868
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    With Lupus

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    Vitamin DExpert
    Lupus patients are rightfully told to avoid the sun since it can flare the disease. But guess what... by doing so you are setting yourself ... More
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