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    Heavy Periods
    Greetings, I skipped a period last month for the first time and now my period is here and will not stop. I...More
    Posted by An_267688
    Includes Expert Content
    Painful Sex
    I was diagnosed as post-menopausal in 2010 and continued to enjoy sex up until 2014. I've had sex exactly...More
    Posted by toadywot
    Includes Expert Content
    Menopause Question
    I am 58 years old and have not gone through menopause. My last period was in January of this year. About 2...More
    Posted by An_267682
    Includes Expert Content
    Can someone give me some real symptoms of menopause please? I feel depressed, anxious and totally fogged out.
    Posted by An_267646
    Can someone give me some real symptoms of menopause please? I feel depressed, anxious and totally fogged out.
    Posted by An_267646
    Includes Expert Content
    Very light period (?) - do I need to start my meno...
    Hi Dr. Minkin, My last period was mid-February. I had my annual gynecologist check up in April, and...More
    Posted by mydaughtersmom44
    Includes Expert Content
    Doctor wants me off bcp to check menopause
    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm 52.5 years old and have been on combination bcp for the last 3 years. I had no...More
    Posted by Msudul1
    Includes Expert Content
    ovestin use after breast and uterine cancer
    I have been prescribed this cream but am reading that it should not be used if I have had either breast...More
    Posted by An_267622
    Includes Expert Content
    Is HRT a must for health after Menopause?
    Dr. Minkin: I'm on some menopause sites and, as you can imagine, debates rage fiercely over the use of HRT in...More
    Posted by briz350
    Includes Expert Content
    I recently saw my doctor for a UA to rule out a UTI. I am 53-years-old and because the analysis was negative,...More
    Posted by An_267608
    Includes Expert Content
    Severe Menopause Symptoms
    I am 54 years old and was on the hormone Angeliq for almost 4 years. Symptoms were somewhat controlled but...More
    Posted by Robocon
    Includes Expert Content
    HRT side effects
    I have been on MInivelle patch and Progesterone oral (200mg) for a few months now. I have almost no hot...More
    Posted by chteacher
    Includes Expert Content
    Constant Headaches after Laparoscopically Assisted...
    I have been having headaches after my surgery on May 19,2016. We had to go to the ER on May 23, 2016 due to...More
    Posted by An_267604
    Includes Expert Content
    HRT technical question for Dr. Minkin
    I'm almost 50 and have been in Vivelle Dot 0.05 for just over a year. I take 12 days of Prometrium every 4...More
    Posted by briz350
    HRT technical question for Dr. Minkin
    I'm almost 50 and have been in Vivelle Dot 0.05 for just over a year. I take 12 days of Prometrium every 4...More
    Posted by briz350
    Includes Expert Content
    Getting off birth control pill
    I just turned 50 this year. I have been on the pill since I was 19 with the exception of 2 times when I went off...More
    Posted by tean4d
    Includes Expert Content
    Frequent Extreme and Sudden Fatigue
    Hello there, I am undergoing menopause at the moment (last 6 months roughly) at the age of 45. I do...More
    Posted by YogaGreenHealthy
    Includes Expert Content
    49 with Continual Spotting (Scared To Death)
    Hi Everyone; I am probably worrying for nothing but as a young girl I lost my father when I was 12 and had...More
    Posted by 2weeks2many
    Lactation and Menopause
    I am a 51 year old woman who would like to lactate ... I have been thru menopause, done and over with. I...More
    Posted by Slaveforlife64
    Includes Expert Content
    IBS and Perimenopause
    I am 52, and have had IBS-d for at least 5 yrs, on and off. This sping, I had a very heavy, irregular period...More
    Posted by Jblu28
    Includes Expert Content
    Mood/Irritability and Meds
    Has anyone benefited from taking SSRIs to manage mood during perimenopause? I'm grumpy and have a short fuse....More
    Posted by An_267551
    Includes Expert Content
    Menopause years after a hysterectomy
    I had a full hysterectomy 25 years ago. Is it possible for me to have menopause now?
    Posted by dkimb
    Includes Expert Content
    Spotting during menopause
    I am a 59 year old African American woman and just yesterday I notice that I was spotting after not having a...More
    Posted by ctanner
    Includes Expert Content
    56 Is This Too Old To Still Be Perimenopausal?
    I am now 56 (Last March) and still very much in perimenopause. I seem to be having oestrogen surges at...More
    Posted by violetcreams
    Hot flashes 20 years after a hystarectamy
    I had a full hystarectamy(my uterus and my ovaries) 25 years ago and I am having hot flashes for the last 5...More
    Posted by An_267509
    Includes Expert Content
    Bleeding Changing Medicine Menopause
    So I was confirmed to be going through menopause in February (had hot flashes, etc) and since I'm 39 (no prior...More
    Posted by sundays
    Includes Expert Content
    FSH Results and Further Planning 33.3
    Hello again Dr. Minkin, not sure if I should have started another post but hoped you might find me easy...More
    Posted by Anon_138320

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    Mary Jane Minkin, MD, is a nationally recognized obstetrician gynecologist, with a special interest in menopause. Dr. Minkin is clinical professor of ...More

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    perimenapausal help that works for me.
    I'm 47 jus started expeiraning hot flashes again after not having them for 10Yrs. Now I'm not having periods for 2M Now and crave sugar for ... More
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