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    Includes Expert Content
    Advice needed
    I am 47 years old. I had a hysterectomy at the age of 30 and 3 years ago had my whole thyroid removed...More
    Posted by winter_rose
    Includes Expert Content
    FSH 8.0 and Estradiol 2- 94
    These were my results on cd 3 . I'm 47 years old, am I still fertile or no? I am waiting to see my doctor, I...More
    Posted by Anon_28855
    Heavy bleeding then bloating, loss libido
    Hello. I am 52 with only 3 periods in last year. Late fall had a long period which went on for 5 weeks...More
    Posted by runnerforfun
    Includes Expert Content
    No period
    Hi, I am 23 and have not had a period in around 7 months. I also have had an increase in body hair,...More
    Posted by An_267381
    Includes Expert Content
    menopause or not ????
    Hello I'm 43 I have noticed that my breast are often swollen and hurt not to mention tender. They started to...More
    Posted by gigglz4u
    Includes Expert Content
    I'm 60 years old and last fall was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis with no knowledge of how it happened....More
    Posted by azgirl1
    Includes Expert Content
    What is the normal size of a uterus?
    Mine is anteverted measuring 96 x 50 x 57 mm.
    Posted by Anon_28855
    Includes Expert Content
    Pelvic Ultrasound Results
    Hi, I had posted recently that I decided to see a reproductive endocrinologist because I was having heavy...More
    Posted by kari69
    Includes Expert Content
    Chronic endometritis
    Found this diagnosis on my biopsy. MD says it's not a big deal but when I research it I am very upset. PID?...More
    Posted by misselaineo
    Includes Expert Content
    Pre Menopause Question
    OK, so I've had hot flash's over the past several months, Dr said Pre Menopause I'm almost 49 so I get that. ...More
    Posted by ShanLeah
    change in breast shape?
    Hi - I thought I'd posted this a few days ago but it never showed up. On Monday (now it's Saturday) morning I...More
    Posted by An_259419
    Includes Expert Content
    My periods are coming close together all of a sudden. I had a 19 day cycle in February (period came on February...More
    Posted by tie1978
    Includes Expert Content
    Unprotected Sex
    I am almost 54 years old. I've not had a period in 7 months. Can I have unprotected sex, at this point? Is...More
    Posted by AnnTn83
    Includes Expert Content
    How to stop 'periods' while on HRT
    I started HRT patch + prometrium 6 weeks ago. Now have extremely painful bleeding just like I did...More
    Posted by upat4am
    Includes Expert Content
    Post menopausal, post cervical cancer, post hyster...
    What could possibly be the cause of the bleeding? Woke up, went to the bathroom, bright red blood in the...More
    Posted by An_267311
    Includes Expert Content
    Hi - Does anyone suffer from nausea, diarrhea and headaches prior to their period or ovulation? I am now on...More
    Posted by An_267308
    Includes Expert Content
    Reproductive Endocrinologists are the best!
    Hi Everyone, I have posted on here many of times my struggles with whether I am truly perimenopausal or not,...More
    Posted by kari69
    Includes Expert Content
    FSH ?
    I just got my results back from doing some test. I'm wondering if I should be concerned about my results. I've...More
    Posted by Tinker24
    Includes Expert Content
    Hi I'm 45 and I was told I am menopausal...I've had my tubes removed but I have been experiencing nipple...More
    Posted by Owllover70
    Includes Expert Content
    Perimenopause at age 38??? Sudden irregular cycle.
    I am almost 39, 2 children (youngest is 19 mos). I have always had regular 28 day cycles. I did have low...More
    Posted by An_267257
    Includes Expert Content
    Terrified 19 year old, am I pregnant?
    I'm 19 yr old who takes Trinessa birth control pills. I took the last active pill in the pack about 12 hours...More
    Posted by sgrelson
    Terrified 19 year old, am I pregnant?
    I'm 19 yr old who takes Trinessa birth control pills. I took the last active pill in the pack about 12 hours...More
    Posted by sgrelson
    Prometrium or generic?
    Is the generic as effective as the brand name Prometrium? I have severe insomnia and it appears I need a...More
    Posted by upat4am
    Includes Expert Content
    thick uterine, normal biopsy
    Hi, I am concern about my uterus being 10 mm thick although biopsy came back as normal...hormone level are...More
    Posted by An_267262
    Includes Expert Content
    I'm 59 , had a partial hysterectomy at 38 ,went to severe hot flashes got the patch for a year or so. Now I'm...More
    Posted by debbydel

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    Mary Jane Minkin, MD, is a nationally recognized obstetrician gynecologist, with a special interest in menopause. Dr. Minkin is clinical professor of ...More

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    Fact or fiction? Estrogen therapy is an option for all menopausal womenExpert
    Fiction: Only women who no longer have a uterus should consider using esdtrogen-alone therapy (ET). For women with a uterus, the option ... More
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