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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.


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    Generic Viagra for Increase Men's Sexual Power
    Viagra is a medicinal trademark under which the restorative medication sildenafil is for the most part...More
    Posted by davidmarsh
    Build Lean Muscle Mass and Reduce Body Fat!
    These methylated version 1 AD also has a significant conversion of extremely strong, but prohibited Methyl 1...More
    Posted by evaimmen
    testicle size
    my right testicle is lager than left one and dont have any pain and i have no erectile problem is this leads...More
    Posted by mohan1221
    Reasons Why Alcohol Will Destroy Your Muscle Gains...
    I obtain emails every individual day from wishful muscle-builders all over the humankind, and one of the most...More
    Posted by gvfhhf
    I am 31 i had an ED issue, My doctor recommended me to take Caverta.... During sex my erection is great, but...More
    Posted by gillius0
    Perfect "Junk" Size
    What is your perfect "junk" size? Mine is a 7 inch one not too thick or thin More
    Posted by fitjock
    Personal Lube
    As a single man, I do masturbate a couple times a week. I don't know how that stacks up with you married...More
    Posted by tylakeland
    Being Contacted
    I received an email from someone on this site or the other WEB MD forums I belong to. I went to reply and the...More
    Posted by stev1022
    The perfect penis size for women
    This is for all the girls out there, what size would the perfect penis be for you to completely satisfy...More
    Posted by mattlovett89
    Curious Buddies
    I have a buddy of mine who is married, and he loves to be bi-curious. He uses me as a springboard to unleash...More
    Posted by tylakeland
    I cum after 1 min! Help!
    Hi! I tried many penis exercises and I'm masturbating a lot, also before sex. And I can't hold on, I fire...More
    Posted by barteeverts
    Oils and lubricants
    What's your favorite lube? Curious about a few brands and considering purchasing other kinds. Right now...More
    Posted by cirrus173
    No pleasure from sex
    I'm a 19 year old guy, I've had sex with a guy and 3 girls. I'm currently in a relationship. My past 2...More
    Posted by veqtro
    Semen increaser
    Does anyone know of a good supplement to take to increase the volume of semen? In my mid-40's now, eat...More
    Posted by An_257519
    falling for a married man
    everyday i feel like I'm falling deeply for him. I just don't know if he likes me back. Im a guy and he's...More
    Posted by jimmyneutron
    Sex problems
    Dear sir/Madam after had a sex with a woman I got some diseases on my panes like very hurt when I urinating...More
    Posted by An_257472
    If your having sexual issues maybe this can help
    I know that having any issues sexually can be mentally disturbing for a man. I know there are several...More
    Posted by smspang1114
    young adult erectile disfunctiion
    are there fast acting resolution to this issue More
    Posted by An_257427

    Take the Poll

    how many caucasian young adults get ed
    • 1 in 5
    • 1 in 6
    • 1in8
    • 1in9
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    young adult erectile disfunctiion
    are there fast acting resolution to this issue More
    Posted by An_257427

    Take the Poll

    how many caucasian young adults get ed
    • 1 in 5
    • 1 in 6
    • 1in8
    • 1in9
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    Looking for Herbal Sex Capsules ?
    Shivalik Gold Capsule is unique male sexual aphrodisiac that will impart you Stallion like vigour and...More
    Posted by shivalikherbals
    How to do exhibitionism?
    I have read many threads about this and many people, especially gq knows a lot! What are you tips or...More
    Posted by fitjock
    How often do you get morning wood and masturbate? Or are you able to sweet talk your partner to have sex?More
    Posted by An_256893

    Take the Poll

    How often do you get morning wood and masturbate?
    • Always.
    • Usually.
    • Sometimes.
    • Never.
    • Have sex with your partner.
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    Dear to whom it may concern...
    Hello there! I have got a confession to make. I am not this macho fit man as I say I am. I am actually boy in...More
    Posted by fitjock
    Not wanting to talk about ED
    Why do some men not want to talk about ED or do anything about ED?
    Posted by An_256119
    Masturbation Corner: share anything to do with mas...
    Welcome to the Masturbation Corner! Feel free to share anything about masturbation. Techniques, stories, how...More
    Posted by fitjock
    spinal injury and impotence- are they related?
    My husband has a hurrniated disc at L4/L5 spinal level. He has been having issues with getting a full...More
    Posted by shanatude
    No Sperm when Masturbating
    Hi guy, I've just left my teens and when masturbating I am not producing any cum! whats wrong with me?...More
    Posted by An_256051
    Can I be cured from premature ejaculation ?
    is there any change to cure PE naturally? I used some spray and pill but now I decided to stop because I...More
    Posted by putrawartini
    Ejaculation during massage
    38 year old father of two, recently divorced, here. I have had many massages in my life, by both men and women....More
    Posted by flexdad

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    Just a regular family man. Love my kids and my wife. Job is great too. Looking for growth from the community here. I welcome any communication ... i&#...More

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    How to cure recurring uti?
    I have uti for 3 years. The symptoms keep come and go. I heard that cranberry juice can help to relieve the symptoms and i keep to drink it ... More
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