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    What's Happening Now

    Reply: Roca Labs
    So what were you thoughts about this and did you finish the program losing the weight you wanted to lose? I...More
    Posted by Neise0725
    Reply: Roca Labs beginner
    I realize you posted this 11 months ago....did you stick to it? How much did you lose? I get a similar...More
    Posted by StephT0828

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    Roca do you feel so far?
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    • excited
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    Reply: Xanthan Guar Gum Diet
    I hope to bring this thread back to life......anyone try Xanthan Guar Gum diet? More
    Posted by StephT0828
    I'm looking for results
    A year ago when I lost both of my parents I seemed to balloon up in weight. Diet wise I'm finally back to...More
    Posted by memories56
    Anyone Still on this plan
    I an considering using this product but it seems like the only posts are from people that have been doing...More
    Posted by jmechicago
    Reply: Help please!
    I looked it up and it's 2 tsp's if you used the purple scoop - full dose. I've been on it for 1 week and have...More
    Posted by terrycoop
    Reply: Rocolabs
    I am debating on ordering it. My husband is dying with ALS n I need to get healthy to help out. . I need too...More
    Posted by jjgonzales
    Roca Labs
    I started Roca Labs on Saturday. Honestly, I would not say that it necessarily made me feel full, but it has...More
    Posted by An_259783
    Reply: I have been on the RocaLabs Gastric Bypass Without...
    I started Roca labs formula on Sunday so today is Day 5 and I'm down 4 pounds so far. I'm following weight...More
    Posted by newwidow13
    Reply: Day 1
    I have been on this for 2 weeks I take it in the morning 1 scoop and at 3:30 1/2 scoop with a scoop of anti...More
    Posted by kalee1039
    How is your journey with the Gastric Bypass No sur...
    I just started taking the formula yesterday, I'm trying to figure out how which scoop to use. Today was a...More
    Posted by mona777
    Reply: roco lab
    Hi there still waiting for it to arrive - already trying to cut back on proportions in readiness of staring More
    Posted by pidgy
    Reply: Alternative to Gastric Bypass
    Hi Rachelle, What argument did you have with the company? The support staff is great. They answered my...More
    Posted by christopher72
    Reply: Mini Gastric Bypass Diet
    I see that you posted this 2 months ago and I'm just wonder how's your daughter progress now?
    Posted by Pea43

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    complication about the formula
    someone had problems with the formula in the stomach , for doesn't go way, complication? My personal Dr. said...More
    Posted by An_250222
    Reply: I really want to try this but am afraid of it bein...
    It is better to ask or research for a lot of information about the product. I personally went to their website...More
    Posted by MomEnna
    Hi! You what's great about the product? Once weight goal is reached, you will be able to stop using the...More
    Posted by cole_0828
    Reply: trying to save money
    Have you tried healthy eating plans and exercise? What type of food budget do you have?More
    Posted by Anon_130687

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    would you use this product at half rations???
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    Helpful Tips

    Alternative to Gastric Bypass
    I just wanted to share my experience with the Roca Labs product. At first, I had an argument with the company. But when I realized that it ... More
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