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    Reply: MS and Alcohol
    Thank you for reaching out! I copied your question and my response to the new WebMD community...More
    Reply: Question about neuro exam
    Hello Leah, Thank you for reaching out! I copied your question and my response to our new WebMD...More
    Exercise and MS?
    I was wondering about the impact of MS and worsening symptoms on a healthy lifestyle, specifically how it...More
    Posted by An_267851
    Pregnancy and MS
    Having MS does not affect women's fertility, but if you have MS and want to have children there...More
    New Online Support Community Launched by the MSAA
    The MSAA (Multiple Sclerosis Association of America) has launched a new online support system for...More
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    New Study Results on Diet and MS
    I love that diet and exercise are being studied, and hope for more studies in the future! A recent...More
    Was this Helpful?
    Reply: MS Research News: Link Between Gut Bacteria and MS
    Hello Sparskfan, I'm not sure what you mean by smart drugs, can you provide a link or example for...More
    Reply: Welcome Dr. Herb Karpatkin!
    Thank you for watching! I completely agree that strength training is essential for feeling our...More
    Stretches for People with MS
    Stretching and maintaining your range of motion is very important when you have MS, especially if...More
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    FDA to Reach a Decision on Ocrelizumab by December...
    The FDA accepted Genentech's application for Ocrelizumab, and granted it Priority Review...More
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    Positive Results from Stem Cell Trial Reported
    The latest results of the HALT-MS stem cell trial have been reported. 24 people with MS...More
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    Reply: MS and burning feet and vibration in my head???
    Hello Annie, Sorry to hear that you are in the midst of a relapse, hopefully the steroids have...More
    Reply: MS Spasms
    Hello lindalucie, Are these new symptoms for you? If so it's important to let your neurologist...More
    Summer Travel Tips
    Summer is the perfect opportunity for many of us to travel, but living with MS can complicate your...More
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    Breaking News: FDA Approves Zinbryta for RRMS
    The FDA approved Zinbryta for the treatment of RRMS. Zinbryta is a monoclonal antibody that is...More
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    Reply: MS Diagnosis and no lesions
    Hello Meg, I do agree that it is necessary for you to see an MS specialist because without...More
    Reply: Using Handicap Parking Spots When you Live with an...
    It's so sad that you have to deal with that kind of treatment. I know one person that also...More
    May 25th is World MS Day
    World MS Day is May 25th! To find events near you and to share how you are #StrongerThenMS check...More
    Reply: MS related
    Hello Biju, Here in the US we have 13 FDA approved medications to treat MS: ...More
    Reply: Why do people say there is no cure for MS?!!!!
    Wow, I'm so happy for your brother! Where did he have his transplant done?
    Reply: The "silent symptom" that no one wants to talk abo...
    Yes, there are definitely things that can be done! It depends on what the issue is of course. The...More
    Reply: How do you cope with stress?
    Congratulations on putting yourself first, that's not easy to do!
    Walk & Bike MS Events!
    Are you participating in Walk or Bike MS? There are hundreds of events all over the country...More
    Reply: Someone PLEASE help!!!!
    Hello Kimberlea, It is extremely important for you to be well informed about what is going on...More

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    I am not really sure what I was diagnosed with. Epilepsy or MS? Have not seen my Dr. in abut 15 years and without insurance its very expensive office visit. He did tell me that I had two white spots on my brain after a MRI. EEG was abnormal too. However, he was not exactly clear.
    • Epilpsey or MS???? Help
    • White spots found during an MRI and unclear what my diagnoses is?
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    Reply: Thoughts/Suggestions?
    Hello blueeyyes, I'm sorry you have had to deal with such frustrating symptoms for so long...More
    Reply: Trigeminal nerve shocks-treatment
    Hello, I have had several patients get relief from their trigeminal neuralgia after gamma knife...More
    Speech and Swallow
    Has MS affected your voice or ability to swallow? It's a common issue, and can be caused by...More
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    The Effect of MS on Hearing
    MS can damage the nerves involved in hearing, causing a variety of difficulties which you can...More
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    The Blood Brain Barrier and it's Role in MS
    The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) normally functions to keep potentially harmful cells out of the...More
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    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: need advice - MS? nerve damage? help.
    Hello newbie, Do you know what vice-grips are? You need to get a pair and go attach them to the scrotum...More
    Posted by swampster1952

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    Stephanie knows multiple sclerosis as a patient and as a nurse. Stephanie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2013. Shortly after being diagnosed...More

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    Reliv does work
    I thought Reliv was a hoax too. But it's not. You need to take it regularly and consistently and it proves miracles. My mom was diagnosed ... More
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