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    Does anyone post in this group anymore?
    Just wondering?
    Posted by An_263148
    Any intending naturals for 2015?
    Hey there! So I just signed up for this group but noticed the last post was a year ago. Anyone like me planning...More
    Posted by aureola
    first baby on the way!!
    Hi, I'm going to be having a little girl around February 23 and would really like to try to have, at the least,...More
    Posted by nreyn3
    Free Baby Slings and Nursing Covers!
    Go to ---> They regularly cost $48 bucks (are currently on sale for $39) but if you...More
    Posted by cynthia2211
    Home birth?
    I have my heart set on having a home birth, I have a very low-risk pregnancy and am very healthy and am...More
    Posted by jessicasmalley
    Has anyone ever gotten the free nursing cover,baby...
    I saw a post on here for ( ) and just wondered if anyone ever gotten any of their products?...More
    Posted by mommacyr
    1st Baby-Thinking of Going Au Naturale
    I am due June 14th, 2012 with my 1st baby (a little girl!!) I always thought I would just "get the drugs"...More
    Posted by mayas_momma
    Birth center
    So, this past weekend my sister-in-law announced that she's expecting her first baby! I'm so excited for...More
    Posted by peachychick54
    RH negative
    Hi everyone! I'm so excited to find out that there is a natural birth support group on here, even though...More
    Posted by peachychick54
    Birth Story!
    Hey everyone! Well I made it through a nautral birth. It went very well. The night before I had some little...More
    Posted by quintessa2
    Finding it hard 3rd time around to stick with the ...
    I am 37 wks w/ #3, I did my first natural, 13 hrs of active labor, 6 of which i spent in the bed at the...More
    Posted by TWalker02840
    I'm new!
    Hi. I'm Karrina, and I'm planning a natural birth. i'm 32 weeks along with my 2nd daughter. I'm a single...More
    Posted by delilahquinn
    Natural Birth Naysayers
    Hello! I am a month away from birth and looking for some support. I am soooo sick of having women ask me if...More
    Posted by quintessa2
    How to prepare
    I would like to try to have a natural birth. What should I do to prepare?
    Posted by ButterflyBaby1107
    wat am i going to do the doctor says im 16 weeks and my baby is not growing but they dont know y and i...More
    Posted by Anon_234450
    Hello! 15 weeks with Baby # 1
    I have wanted to have a natural birth sense the day I found out I was pregnant. I am so against the drugs....More
    Posted by peanut_1991
    I am interested in hypnobirth or hypnobabies. Has anyone done this? What was your experience. Which...More
    Posted by ButterflyBaby1107

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    Changing from OBGYN to Midwife?
    Hello, I am almost 15 weeks pregnant with my first and have gone to my OBGYN since I found out I was...More
    Posted by klynshoe
    I was just reading about hypnobirthing or using hypnosis or self relaxation during labor. Has anyone...More
    Posted by ButterflyBaby1107
    I just found out today that my ob uses cytotec. I'm currently pregnant with baby #5 and this will be my 3rd...More
    Posted by MrsPiper

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    Baby #1
    Hey, I'm 5 weeks 3 days prego (about) with baby #1, I want to go all natural, no meds, no nothing. My...More
    Posted by BabyOnBoard89
    Hello I am pregnant with my first child and I really want to have a natural birth. I was wondering if...More
    Brittany(24), DH(Jaron 25),1 very spoiled siamese cat(rambo 2),EDD June 21,2011. 1st baby. Team yellow!
    Posted by EyzaatheBelle
    Kaiser Ins. and Natural??? Are they like Water and...
    I need someone's insight. I'm really feeling like a small fish in a very large pond. I know what I want to do...More
    Posted by triss84
    Just wanted to introduce myself I'm 15w with baby no 6 and have had all natural births with all of my five...More
    Posted by dolphinex3

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    I am a childbirth educator, doula, and apprentice midwife. I have 5 beautiful children that range in ages from 3 to 10. I have been married for 10 won...More

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