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    Sleeping without swaddle
    We were scared to try letting our LO sleep without a swaddle, but he is now sleeping through the night...More
    Posted by An_264967
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    my babys formula
    everytime my baby drinks a bottle she has diarrhea she dont even finish eating before this happens can it...More
    Posted by jessicalreed
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    Sleeping through night
    A good eating before bed seems to help LO sleep through the night.
    Posted by An_263587
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    breast feeding
    Are there any women who have experienced the same thing as me? I breast feed both my babies and LOVED it....More
    Posted by An_256469
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    Tip for taking your bed back
    Had a simular problem with my son. One thing my wife and I did was put an air matress on the floor in the romm...More
    Posted by Layne127
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    looking for tips for sleeping thru the night
    What is the best feeding schedule for a 7 month old, to sleep thru the night?
    Posted by gbert3238
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    Try some gripe water
    You can buy Gripe Water that relieves infant tummy aches. It's safe to give babies of any age and can be...More
    Posted by girlfromok
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    Wiping nose
    Try using a warm wipe and distracting by giving something to hold in hands.
    Posted by An_260995
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    Baby's caughing
    My 4 month old baby has been coughing for almost 2 hours we already tried most of the medicine we have does...More
    Posted by juanpa14
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    Nose Frida & Humidifier
    My doctor tol dme the congestion is normal. We put a humidifier in her room and used the Nose Frida (alternative...More
    Posted by ARLARL
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    caro syrup
    caro syrup and warm water help with constipation
    Posted by An_260200
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    Feeding tip
    When my baby was same age the rule was 2oz per pound. So if baby waight is 10lbs then he/she should have...More
    Posted by Pinky2012
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    Tips for new parents
    I just read an interesting and helpful ebook about tips for new parents. As a new parent myself I have...More
    Posted by humboldt29
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    Great time to protect yourself and your baby from ...
    It's not too late to get that Flu vaccine! Babies over 6 months and all parents/contacts should talk...More
    Posted by Dan Brennan, MD
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    Cleaning your baby?
    One fact I have come across with, is over years of arguing with my wife. When the baby is dirty in mud, tar,...More
    Posted by ickypuss
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    Use Woodward's Gripe Water
    Use Gripe water. It will help to poop for baby's.Ask your Dr for further . Gripe water helps in digest the...More
    Posted by An_253288
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    Baby cant poop
    I'm a grandpa of a 2 month old baby and she hasn't pooped in a week. What can we do here? I know from...More
    Posted by iujeff1
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    Posted by stef1102
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    Cold Season
    My 7 week old seems as though she is congested when she is eating and breathing at times. She does have some...More
    Posted by An_248329
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    How to lower fever
    My 4 1/2 month old received her four month shots yesterday, and now has a fever of 101. How do I lower it.?...More
    Posted by simsmommy
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    speaking about vaccinations, im on the against side. i myself, never had a single shot since the day i was...More
    Posted by An_247469
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    Sunscreen do's and dont's
    We are just about half-way through summer, and I thought it might be helpful to post some...More
    Dr. DuMond
    Posted by Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP
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    The Scoop on Poop
    Got Poop? Here are the nuggets that every parent wants to know... ...More
    Posted by Dan Brennan, MD
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    Helpful Tips

    Nose Frida & Humidifier
    My doctor tol dme the congestion is normal. We put a humidifier in her room and used the Nose Frida (alternative to the bulb). This has ... More
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