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    Can anyone translate these CT scan results?
    I have a follow up with my doctor in a week, but I'm trying to understand these results before then. Due to...More
    Posted by tinkydwd123
    Concerned about abnormal growth in oral cavity
    Hello! I've noticed some strange growth at the base of my tongue and the back of my throat that looks...More
    Posted by lotus_eater
    Bumps on side of toungue, scared if I ha e cancer
    Hello, My names Evan and Im posting hefe bc Im concerned about these bumps forming along the side of my toungue,...More
    Posted by Eb1992

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    Is this cancer ??
    Throat Cancer Treatment Options
    Dad is 84 years old and his ENT found small cancer on the right side of his tongue late last week. He...More
    Posted by mybabybluegirl

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    Dad is 84 years old
    • Cancer
    • Throat
    • Treatment
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    bumps with indentation in throat. hx of tonsillect...
    this is where my tonsils should be, though i never noticed these bumps before. was hard to get a good photo...More
    Posted by m1a1t1t1t
    Should I be concerned?
    Have had a persistent sore throat for past 6 months accompanied with swollen lymph nodes and ear pain. None of...More
    Posted by cmwachs
    Mouth Pain
    Is there a pain medicine for the mouth and tongue after radiation?
    Posted by An_258969
    Radical neck dissection in a 75 y o man with other...
    My husband had his surgery in late April, has just completed ct scan guided radiation therapy, all complicated...More
    Posted by nohippa
    Not sure what this is...
    Hi, I noticed this lump canker sore looking thin on my cheek cheek today. It doesn't feel like a canker...More
    Posted by meijerketchup
    Posted by rivaldo
    Last Feb 2013 my dad has cancer in his lower jaw & it was removed, replaced with a bone from his leg. This...More
    Posted by mjbones
    Hi, I'm not sure where I can go to get more information. I just need some direction please. My mother passed...More
    Posted by nreyn3
    large egg shaped lump
    He is an over the road trucker with no insurance. no one wants to see him. I am afraid something is going to...More
    Posted by An_249839
    large egg shaped lump
    He is an over the road trucker with no insurance. no one wants to see him. I am afraid something is going to...More
    Posted by An_249839
    large egg shaped lump
    My son has a lump shaped like a large egg sticking out of the right side of his head. his GP thinks it is...More
    Posted by An_249839
    Please help, need insight before Dr. on Friday
    I am literally obsessing over my health right now. A few months ago I was in the shower and was rubbing my neck...More
    Posted by Mkxoxo3
    Tonsillar cancer with Lymphoma - False PET positiv...
    Summary of my situation: Noticed something funny on my right tonsil 2 years ago but my physician said its all...More
    Posted by Ricky_b

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    Can SCC diagnosis be confused with Sarcoid too ? Should the left side be left un-radiated to prevent long term side-effects? How effective is chemo/radio treatment for tonsillar cancer ? How will docs check the spread and control of cancer if PET comes positive due to Sarcoid ?
    • Yes, NO
    • Yes, NO
    • Very, Moderate, Low
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    Sound in back of head-symptom of brain cancer?
    I feel a weird buzzing/winding sound in the back of my head sometimes for a few seconds. It...More
    Lumb in Neck (4*2 cm)
    Hello Doctor, I am having a swelling in the right side of my Neck from last 05 months. I went to General...More
    Posted by Debojyoti
    White bump inside lower lip, picture included.
    It is a white bump, or kind of feels like a little flap of skin, or a growth, on the inside of my lower...More
    Posted by 33thirtythree
    Brain stem gliomas-diffuse pontine glioma
    Can anyone relate to this my 3year old grand has been diagnosed with this type of tumor and I need all the...More
    Posted by tyr44
    I have been getting yellow chunks out of my tonsils for awile now. I am having cold like symtems, but...More
    Posted by lydiagrommish
    Good Morning everyone: I am in a relationship and my better half has cancer on his left side of his neck...More
    Posted by An_241465

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    Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 5/2010 Underwent a left radical neck dissection to remove 37 cancerous/qeustionable lymph nodes and a thyroidectomy...More

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    stay alert and informed
    am 45 yrs old and have had my entire large intestine and rectum removed in 96.this resulted from a hereditary trait i recieved from my mom ... More
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