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    Young male Osteopenia
    Hi, my name is Cesar and I was just diagnosed with osteopenia. The odd thing is, I'm a 35 y/o otherwise...More
    Posted by An_267834
    Osteoporosis: which medicine
    I have osteoporosis. I am 54 years old at 5'2" and 100 lbs. no fractures and otherwise healthy. My T score...More
    Posted by An_267819
    forteo protocal
    Can anyone tell me what the protocol is to begin taking Forteo? What if any tests are required?
    Posted by An_267791
    This might have already been discussed. I am new here and am currently experiencing frequent broken bones,...More
    Posted by harkdotcom
    is there a time limit to take medication for osteo...
    I had been taking Actonel for over 6 yrs and my doctor told me I should stop taking it. Before the Actonel I...More
    Posted by sunnimage
    alternatives to medication
    Diagnosed X 10 yrs, initially by chest xray picking up on unfelt compression fxtrs. Very reluctant to...More
    Posted by Selfunderstanding
    I am 54 years old and had my yearly DXA scan. Since last year I've had a -14.3% change in my spine, -9.0...More
    Posted by day_ranch
    Doctor wants me to go on Reclast
    I've researched and found out this is a bad medication terrible bone pain afterwards lasts for years,...More
    Posted by Kathleenm01
    EZORB new type of CALCIUM to build bone
    Has anyone taken this new type of Calcium for Osteoporosis? supposedly has a 92% absorption rate, and should...More
    Posted by ReneeHorn
    The post I'm seeing on Bonexcin are several years old, but I wanted to reply with more current results. I...More
    Posted by CathyWoo10
    How Do I Treat Osteoporosis
    If bonebabe is still responding to this discussion, I would like to know her opinion of the safety of treatment...More
    Posted by siesta
    I have osteoarthritis in my hands. The only thing that relieves the pain are cortisone shots every three...More
    Posted by redskinsgirl
    I have osteoarthritis in my hands. The only thing that relieves the pain are cortisone shots every three...More
    Posted by redskinsgirl
    Vitamin D dosages
    I was just prescribed 400,000IU of Vit. D and 1200mg calcium daily for osteopenia. Is the D dosage...More
    Posted by ariesconvict
    Help. I had Aplastic Anemia several years ago. For part I of the treatment, I was on prednisone. Now, 15 years...More
    Posted by bonygirl
    Alternatives to Fosamax?
    I'm a 57 year old woman who has mild osteoporosis. I was diagnosed with osteopenia about 10 years ago and had...More
    Posted by sheilab58
    Forteo vs Reclast vs Prolia
    I'm a 57 year old female postmenopausal. I'm also new to this site. I had my very first bone density scan. T...More
    Posted by AJTems
    Looking for Doctor
    Are there any doctors who specialist in osteoporosis?
    Posted by An_266799
    Hoping to find sound advice
    I am a 65 year old woman with Osteoporosis. I am not treating it with any prescription meds. I've very...More
    Posted by littlemart
    Forteo Users
    I'm a Forteo user - a new one. I'm wondering if anyone in this community has any experience with it. I've got...More
    Posted by pjalford
    scared of medication
    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I am 53. I'm 5'1" and 105 lbs. This past year I lost 23 lbs due to digestive...More
    Posted by jeannech
    Osteoporosis Meidcations
    Diagnosed with arthritis and osteoporosis in right hp. Young 47 year old, healthy and somewhat active with...More
    Posted by Micaela1234
    Terrible Knee Pain
    Hi Eveyone-Saw bone Dr. had MRI/CT scan of hip down to knee. Told Severe osteoporsis. Terrible time walking...More
    Posted by An_266545
    Stress Fracture in Foot & Cam Boot (Moon Bott) - H...
    3 1/2 weeks ago my son hurt himself at Soccer and it ended up being a Stress Fracture in the Metatarsal in...More
    Posted by heltaskelta
    Pelvic MRI / CAT scan shows 'lesions'
    I've been having hip pain for several years now. This year it got bad enough that I started trying doctors. I...More
    Posted by Betsy973

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