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    Reply: OTC Pain Med with highest dose of Acetaminophen?
    You can take up to 4 200 mg Advil tablets every 6 hrs. Advil is Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen comes in...More
    Posted by blessedladyptl
    Reply: New, and need some advice.
    jsmythe4, you need to make an appointmemt with your pcp and go in and see him. You also need to see a...More
    Posted by blessedladyptl
    Reply: Withdrawals are overrated.
    annette, I agree with you. A lot of it is due to what people read and see on tv/movies and believe....More
    Posted by blessedladyptl
    What do you think about Melvin Pohl MD "The pain a...
    Hey all! I was watching PBS tonight and saw Dr. Mel Pohl. I think he is just out to make money selling his...More
    Posted by painfulgal

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    Did Melvin Pohl's "The pain antidote" or any of his other books or dvd's help you?
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    Reply: Your Experience/Thoughts on Spinal Cord Stimulator
    It took about 3-4 months before all the little 'aches and pains' from the surgery to settled down, but...More
    Posted by ndanav
    Chiropractic care is amazing when you know what you are doing. Chiropractic is never going away,...More
    Posted by thechiropractor
    Nucynta false negative urine test
    I have been on Nucynta ER now for almost 2+ years for severe fibromyalgia pain. I take 100 mg ER in the...More
    Posted by InPainLikeHell
    Reply: Pain Management and the Laws in Different States
    I have bmd,beckers muscular dystrophy.i was getting 2 1mg xanx a day and 6 perc 10s a day.which I have to...More
    Posted by neverstop12
    Reply: Fentanyl patch to expensive
    Hi pcbrown57, Click here to see a list of common medications used to treat or reduce the symptoms of...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: impacts on my spine
    Hi camilledelval1980, Thanks for posting. Bad posture puts a strain on your spine. You should consult...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: horrible back pain after waking up
    Hi mrguy123, I'm sorry to hear that you're having a tough time. I can completely understand that body...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Nucynta Reviews needed
    Hi Sopbabe1, If you check out Nucynta in the WebMD Drugs & Supplements center , there are...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Piriformis Pain
    Hi cmbuett, Thank you for offering your support to members of WebMD's Pain Management community. It is...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Right side pinching pain
    Hello This is a good question for your doctor, as he/she would know this answer for you best. Talk to...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Pain post surgery
    Hi there, Pain management after surgery is unique to the individual. While some pain might be expected...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Right abdominal pain before urination
    See your doctor.
    Posted by An_255018
    Reply: Opioid Chronic Pain Managment Reports Heavily Sway...
    You aren't going to find stats with specifics like the one you mentioned. The specifics are an important...More
    Posted by blessedladyptl
    Reply: I have a white pill with U17 on one side and clank...
    You should know what this med is. It is people like you that damage the reputations of people who REALLY...More
    Posted by captsharky1
    Reply: Walgreens and Wal-Mart Pharmacy Denies Chronic Pai...
    you r an idiot there is no right to pain med the fact is most chronric pain people are addicts par for the...More
    Posted by An_260948

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    Is anyone on this board having difficulty getting their prescriptions for Oxycodone 15mg, Fentanyl Patch 25 mcg and/or other narcotic medications - filled by Walgreens, Wal-Mart or CVS Pharmacies?
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    • Yes. CVS Denied Filling My Narcotic Pain Prescription.
    • Yes. Wal-Mart Denied Filling My Narcotic Pain Prescription.
    • Yes. It is discrimination
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    ive been taking suboxone almost everyday. i recently got isurance and seeked out a doctor so i can get a steady...More
    Posted by dj5500
    ive been taking suboxone almost everyday. i recently got isurance and seeked out a doctor so i can get a steady...More
    Posted by dj5500
    Piriformis Pain
    Hello, My name is Christina, 28 yrs old. I had no idea people were going through the same thing as me! Some...More
    Posted by cmbuett
    Piriformis Pain
    Hello, My name is Christina, 28 yrs old. I had no idea people were going through the same thing as me! Some...More
    Posted by cmbuett
    Reply: getting kicked out of pain clinic
    An_267762, chances are when you signed your pain contract with your pain management dr, you agreed to...More
    Posted by blessedladyptl
    Reply: Termination letter from Pain Management
    JewelsofDenial , drs can write up to a 90 day supply of Schedule II meds at one visit. They have to...More
    Posted by blessedladyptl
    Reply: Butrans withdrawl?
    Opiate withdrawal symptoms vary quite a bit from person to person. Typical symptoms can include...More
    Posted by Peter Abaci, MD
    Reply: Help PLS
    It truly sounds neurological. I suffer from sciatica every once in a while. The pain starts in my buttock...More
    Posted by juanitatx11
    Reply: Chronic pain
    Chronic pains can force people to take immaculate steps. So be careful and don't use anything wrong because...More
    Posted by janienclose
    Reply: New Opiate laws are effecting people with pain man...
    Maybe so but the new guidelines are a very scary thing for those of us with Intractable chronic pain. The...More
    Posted by Greenie222
    Reply: Unexplained pain under right rib. HELP! probably do have takes lots of rest and a heating pad plus perhaps Advil...More
    Posted by Anon_501

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    Peter Abaci, MD , is certified in anesthesia and pain management by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Dr. Abaci received his undergraduate educat...More

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