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    Chest pains
    When I get real upset, Depressed or whatnot, I seem to have a vary sharp pain In my chest what could cause...More
    Posted by Skyebabes
    New Bill in Congress effecting opioid use in veter...
    HR 4063 introduced by Rep. Bilirakis (R-FL-12) can be seen by going to the Library of Congress web site and...More
    Posted by An_246419
    Fiorinal with codeine help
    Greetings! [br>Any help would be appreciated. [br>I've had severe cluster\migriane\tension headache for...More
    Posted by An_266540
    drug screen for benzos
    My urine came back positive for benzos but I have not taken any. PLEASE HELP my Dr. does not believe me.
    Posted by Elizabeth445
    drug screen for benzos
    My urine came back positive for benzos but I have not taken any. PLEASE HELP my Dr. does not believe me.
    Posted by Elizabeth445
    Multiple Pain Issues and Adverse Reactions to Medi...
    Hi I am having a horrible time finding help for my pain issues. I was born with Spina Bifida...More
    Posted by cathyotis
    Feeding Trolls
    People please remember not to feed the trolls. By responding to them in any way just brings more. Just...More
    Posted by An_264843
    Extreme stiffness and pain in thigh muscle
    For about 3 weeks now I've been experiencing extreme stiffness and pain in my left upper thigh muscle. I've...More
    Posted by itxaaro
    Deep Throbbing Leg Pain
    Does anybody else get a deep throbbing pain in both legs? The right leg is the worst. Pain is the...More
    Has anyone had to deal with a decade of gout. Did you end up getting any joint replacements?
    Posted by An_266311
    Seeking help. I have severe nerve damage on my arms and hands,? ung damage, back injury,and knee problems. My ex...More
    Posted by Jjwink
    pain "patches" for back pain?
    Has anyone tried the pain patches for back pain? I have lumbar stenosis and I have a lot of pain in my left...More
    Posted by dimlight
    drug induced bone pain
    I am on Femara for continuation of breast cancer treatment. I have drug induced bone pain. Was wondering...More
    Posted by anniemaccj
    Includes Expert Content
    (NEWBIE) Just a little lost at this point but not ...
    I am not sure about all this but I will start off with a little history 44 Yrs old Male active up until the...More
    Posted by KANSASKID
    Includes Expert Content
    Severe Chronic Joint Pain WITHOUT Swelling/Inflamm...
    Hello everyone, I have severe chronic joint pain WITHOUT swelling or inflammation, and typical pain...More
    Posted by An_254157
    7 Weeks Post-Op Rotator Cuff Repair
    Had arthroscopic repair and was in an immobilizer for six weeks. The first 3 weeks was horrible. Was only able...More
    Posted by kaja527
    Pain Relief Bracelets - Do they really work?
    At a Home and Garden show yesterday, there was a vendor from Elitelife with "science-based pain relief"...More
    Posted by MinsMom
    Nerve Pain After Flu Shot
    I don't know exactly where to put this so I'm putting it here. It's been 5 days since I had the shot and I'm...More
    Posted by faolans
    Hey, everyone!
    I am off all pain meds! Unfortunately my pain levels are up to a 7 again, what is working for you? Take...More
    Posted by annette030
    Pain and swelling problems
    For the past few months I was having problems with symptoms which seem to bother me a lot, like...More
    Posted by marksummerfield313
    Includes Expert Content
    Can a massage increase pain?
    I have lower back fusion L2 - S1 and have been comfortable most of the time. I go thru spells with pain. 10...More
    Posted by An_265555
    Hemorrhoid help?
    Hi, I'm a 22 male and I have had, or what feels like an internal hemorrhoid since mid August. It's not a big...More
    Posted by locker133
    Pain 2 years Post Closed Tib Fib Fracture MVA
    Good afternoon all, In November of 2013, I was t-boned while waiting to turn right at a stoplight. I suffered...More
    Posted by An_265524
    Pain Phobia
    My 35 year old son had a horrific experience at age 14. To make a long story short after seeing over 20 doctors...More
    Posted by tnkaren

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    Peter Abaci, MD , is certified in anesthesia and pain management by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Dr. Abaci received his undergraduate educat...More

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    Judging people with or without chronic pain
    I try not to judge people by anything they do if they aren't hurting themselves or someone else. Unfortunately, I know that I've been judge ... More
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