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    What's Happening Now

    Pain in the face
    I'm a 59 year old man who has pain in his face for over 4 years. It's a real bad burning sensation. I used to...More
    Posted by Jimbo5959
    Reply: chronic pain help
    Sorry, but we can't help much unless we know your precise diagnosis. Do you have a herniated disc, a...More
    Posted by cweinbl
    Reply: Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's no...
    I hope things have improved since this was posted. I had diiiculties with my family understanding my need...More
    Posted by dawniedarlin
    Reply: Neurospinal stimulator implant and supplemental pa...
    Hello i am new. Unfortuntedly, in 2007 i was paralyzed with MRSA I had to have multiple laminectomies and...More
    Posted by laurenseav
    Reply: I need to stop my pain medication...advice needed....
    I'm happy for you that you no longer require opioid medications. But millions of us do and that will never...More
    Posted by cweinbl
    Reply: Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's no...
    I have lived with chronic severe pain for the past 30 years. To complete my career, I required powerful pain...More
    Posted by cweinbl
    Reply: Getting to the end of my rope.
    I empathize with your pain as well as your desire to stay off opioids. Although I am a woman I am a single...More
    Posted by kgarrett3627
    Reply: C4 - C7 bilateral stenosis severe
    Thank you for your feedback. TerryMore
    Posted by redgrannyt
    Reply: is medical care real?
    Wow! I'm so sorry all of this is happening to you! It's so very sad how doctors treat Medicaid or Medicare...More
    Posted by vleeism
    Reply: Ear infection
    You saw a doctor and got a prescription? If it isn't improving your infection, call your doctor back. If it's...More
    Posted by finn2
    Have you considered the reason the dilaudid worked so well was that it was administered IV? Dilaudid is a...More
    Posted by Jarileigh
    Reply: Young woman with chronic pain, has never been seen...
    It sounds as if it's possible you have more than one thing going on. This happened to me when I had both...More
    Posted by Jarileigh
    Medicare coverage and Oxycontin, Oxycodone
    Has anyone here on Medicare or a supplemental medicare plan, had trouble getting prescription coverage of long...More
    Posted by finn2
    Reply: strange urine test
    I took Kadian years ago, and my problem was the opposite, it WOULD NOT show in my urine EVER. now I'm having...More
    Posted by mamaadhd
    Reply: No Support
    Your husband is being a jerk. Why? Is he the controlling? type You could consider sticking a pin in him every...More
    Posted by cweinbl
    Why would Norco and Xanax not sow in either urine ...
    I am so confused and extremely upset. I have been taking Xanax since it first came on the market....More
    Posted by An_264368
    Reply: back sufferer who feels at end of rope
    My luck is having a family practitioner who is also a lifelong close friend. Because we have been lifelong...More
    Posted by cweinbl
    Reply: Study Shows Chronic Back Pain Erodes Concentration...
    Thanks. I wish you the best too. It's very frustrating that no powerful new pain medication has arrived since...More
    Posted by cweinbl
    Reply: Pain Meds & weight gain
    Very sorry. I have been dealing with the ravages of degenerative disc disease since just after my 17th...More
    Posted by cweinbl
    Chronic Bladder Pain
    My name is Michelle, 52, in menopause. Recently, I went to the E.R. for severe pain in my...More
    Posted by mannylev63
    Reply: High-Dose Opioids Can help Conquer Chronic Pain
    No pun intended. But I learned at an early age we are working for the 1%, so the more you produce...More
    Reply: Debilitating pain in both feet
    Hi. My name is Mary. I went on Lryica in 2014 & since then I've had all the symptoms you mentioned...More
    Posted by maryoochi
    Reply: Fibromyalgia meds
    Aricept is a dementia drug. What research do you have that shows it efficacious for pain?
    Posted by cweinbl
    Reply: EMERGENCY - Please help a single 32/Male not lose ...
    I suspect that you told your computer to go to Tumblr and ended up at WebMD. Some of us have been using...More
    Posted by cweinbl
    Kidney stone former and constant passing out.
    Hey guys I'm new on here so hello first of all 👋 Well, Hope you're all well. Unfortunately I...More
    Posted by rebeccaleigh24
    Reply: new here and medication struggles
    Withdrawal symptoms last 24-48 hours. Anything beyond that would have been from something else. I'm not trying...More
    Posted by cweinbl
    Failing a urine test at pain management?
    Hi all, A little background. My previous PM doctor prescribed 900 mg of tapendatol for the month. I would...More
    Posted by An_262175
    Reply: brain pain? what do I do with this anger from this...
    Thats alot to deal with. You should make sure you talk about your feelings with someone who can help you...More
    Posted by ladyjaenh
    neuopathy from deep vein thrombosis
    I had surgery for deep vein thrombosis in both legs three years ago and take neurontin three times a day....More
    Posted by williammann
    Reply: Left Hip Pain
    Are tendon tears in the hips common?
    Posted by franola

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    My pain originates from a sled riding incident many years ago when I was in college that has continually gotten worse over the years. Over the past se...More

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    Smoking Pot Decreases Neuropathic Pain
    A new Canadian research study reports that smoking high-THC cannabis reduces neuropathic pain. This recently-published report in the ... More
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