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    I can't find a community on RLS, Restless Leg Syndrome. Plus I can see this community is not too active but...More
    Posted by sw3tflower

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    Spinal cord stimulation
    Hi all....I just discovered this forum. I see its been months since anyone has posted here, but Im hopeful to...More
    Posted by gfletch68
    Reply: Painful legs and moving toes syndrome
    hi I can tell you in the USA pretty much nothing but the whole drug thing. I take a lot of drugs, ex. 600mg...More
    Posted by TC513
    Reply: Sleep?
    hi, I have movement in my sleep in my toes, some mornings I have bleeding from my toes rubbing together. Also I...More
    Posted by TC513
    Reply: What Helps Your Symptoms?
    Definitely the toe spreaders and massage! I have found too many undesirable side effects from drugs, so...More
    Posted by twitchytoes
    Hi all
    Just want to say that I must be doing something wrong, because I can't figure out how to get to this page...More
    Posted by twitchytoes
    Hi all
    Glad to find this group! I hadn't done an internet search since I was first dx'ed about 2.5 years ago. I...More
    Posted by MoreMountains
    Reply: Hands
    Hi! In the eight years I've had this, there have been a few times that it has occurred in my my hand. It...More
    Posted by twitchytoes
    Reply: Not alone
    There is no secret! I think I am just used to the odd sensation. However, when it goes into overdrive, I...More
    Posted by twitchytoes
    Reply: PLMT??
    Hi TC-- My doctor is Jacob Sage in New Brunswick, NJ. He did, in fact, diagnose me. It took ten seconds. Then...More
    Posted by kmaze001
    One foot or two?
    My PLMT began in my right foot just under two years ago As I've mentioned in other posts, I am relatively...More
    Posted by kmaze001
    Reply: Welcome to the PLMT Community
    Hi Lisavila and welcome! Yes, it's a relief to get a diagnosis, albeit one of a chronic condition. Is the...More
    Posted by kmaze001
    Reply: crazy toes
    Let me rewrite that. If my left foot is feeling like it is being squeezed my left hand will feel the...More
    Posted by shelbylaynesmom
    crazy toes
    My toes began moving 16 months ago...they move everyday involuntary.I have had MRI's blood test Spainal...More
    Posted by shelbylaynesmom
    Reply: Acupuncture
    I have now had four acupuncture treatments. The first one resulted in surprising success: My toe movements...More
    Posted by kmaze001
    Reply: Hello from France
    Hi Phil! Sorry it took me so long to respond. I haven't been keeping up with this community as I should have....More
    Posted by kmaze001
    Holiday pain
    I have been having more pain than usual in both feet, although my PLMT is only in my right foot. All the...More
    Posted by kmaze001

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