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    What's Happening Now

    Reply: Boy obsessed with fans
    Oh sorry I didn't see there was a second page with your update from a month ago More
    Posted by elynn1111
    toddler having break outs
    hi my soon to be 3 year old son has recently been having what originally appeared to be mosquito bites. being...More
    Posted by An_267680
    My 2yo Son won't eat!
    My Son is 2yo and he has stopped eating. He is living on Cherrios and blueberries but he used to try...More
    Posted by javersa10
    concussion accident
    I'm really concerned. My best friends son at daycare banged his head into the post of the swing, he was...More
    Posted by bexdevereux
    Toddler with IBSD
    Does anyone else have a toddler with irritable bowel syndrome? We are suppose to be following a low fodmap...More
    Posted by An_267382
    Reply: Yellow snot...
    I am experiencing the same thing. So irritating
    Posted by africas
    My 2 y/o daughter is so afraid with the toothbrush, I already tried lots of toothpaste but she is really...More
    Posted by mjapelingon
    Reply: 2 year old that goes several days without a bowelm...
    Oh my God, thats crazy. when my friend's baby had a symptoms like that, the MD just did trial and error...More
    Posted by mjapelingon
    Reply: Fever of unknown etiology
    My son is currently in the hospital having on and off high fevers of 103-104 point something . Doctors...More
    Posted by Justice765
    Reply: DO NOT USE THE 3-DAY Potty Training book
    I know it's been half a decade, but if you still have this book can u email it to me? I am really curious...More
    Posted by Rawane_s
    Getting Siri for Android
    Getting Siri for Android is right now conceivable paying little heed to the way that you don't have an...More
    Posted by MaryKateLols
    Reply: yeast infection on 2 year old girl
    It might be too late given you posted this 3 weeks ago, but just in case. My daughter gets yeast infections...More
    Posted by SylviaM5515
    Still not talking
    My son will be 3 in March. He still isn't talking very much. He baby babbles and he has started to increase...More
    Posted by cmbrumit
    delays in walking
    my 21 month old isn't walking by himself yet
    Posted by natersmom

    Take the Poll

    HOW many parents have the same concern?
    can a child born 10 days early have developmental delays?
    • more than you think?
    • dont know
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    delays in walking
    my 21 month old isn't walking by himself yet
    Posted by natersmom

    Take the Poll

    HOW many parents have the same concern?
    can a child born 10 days early have developmental delays?
    • more than you think?
    • dont know
    View Poll Results
    build 2 year old confidence
    I have two 2 year old grandchildren, One was born with only one hand I'm used to adults and children doing...More
    Posted by An_264780
    bathroom woes
    My 2 yr old son during urinating never fully empties his bladder and once finished will come back minutes later...More
    Posted by ZACMOM
    Reply: Daughter wakes screaming at night
    Hello, my son wakes up in the middle of th night and has the worst temper tantrums i have ever seen in my...More
    Posted by Damiansmama
    Reply: Toddler (3years) Having Trouble Focusing/ answerin...
    A lack of focus in their kids is a common complaint among parents.Use your kid's spare time and weekends...More
    Posted by nagasahithya
    Reply: Any cute fall crafts to share?
    sI have come across some fall crafts, which will also enhance your kid's creativity and boost his motor...More
    Posted by nagasahithya
    Reply: Dad showering with his 2 1/2 yr old daughter
    Now personally I can this as being totally okay. This way the showering is taking place which is necessary,...More
    Posted by kate32114
    Reply: New to potty training....
    My 21/2 year old granddaughter was started potty training at her day care and now has become petrified!...More
    Posted by grandmaevelyn
    strange rash on toddler's neck?
    My 20 month old daughter has been coughing a bit the past week and had a runny nose. she has had nop fever,...More
    Posted by An_263897
    Reply: OT- online shopping
    You can try Voucherix with cool verified-only deals More
    Posted by atknbayram
    Reply: I don't know if I should be worried?!?!?
    Sometimes kids do things that we just can't explain. I wouldnt think the worst and consider this being a...More
    Posted by octobergirls
    My 2yr son always sick since birth
    Okay I am a mom at her wits end. My ds was born full term but was a bad pregnancy. when he was born he was...More
    Posted by An_262981
    Reply: daughter blinking one eye
    It may be an excessive blinking, this can be caused by problems with eyelids, refractive error or even by...More
    Posted by chelra1234
    Reply: The Sour Patch Kid (Sour, Sweet, Gone)
    This has happened to my 2 year also. He has gone to a few and what I have noticed is if he is eager to...More
    Posted by livingbless
    Reply: Gagging
    Yes, my little guy does this sometimes too! He's 22 months. He will actually make himself puke sometimes, but...More
    Posted by menon55
    My two year old gags himself and thinks it funny. Can someone help if they experienced this with their...More
    Posted by alexgodsgift

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    Hello all..I am now a proud mother of a 2year old little girl. Miss Celeste blessed my life on 8/9/08 and she is truly my angel! I am also a single f...More

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