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    What's Happening Now

    Reply: My childs nails are peeling off?
    I am so glad to find this. My daughter had a mild case of HFM, perhaps because she's a little older than my...More
    Posted by FreeFamily8
    Reply: My three year old son says his legs hurt
    He grew out of it. I believe looking back, it was a growth spurt/growing pains possibly. either way, he's a...More
    Posted by mr_x_
    Is this Constipation??
    My son is 3 years 11 months old and is having constipation problem since February. It got worst during...More
    Posted by chaluvadimahesh
    Ok so my girlfriend and I broke up for a while & in this time she has had a kid by another man.. I am now...More
    Posted by GMR5921
    Reply: Potty Training: Boy Toddler Afraid to Release
    Hi. How did you go? I'm on the same situation now.
    Posted by An_267149
    Potty training problems
    I am on my very last straw with potty training!!! My son who is now 3 yrs and 9 months, started potty...More
    Posted by An_266961
    peeling finger nails on children
    My 5 year old sons finger nails are peeling off from the base and I see on here many people experiencing the...More
    Posted by An_266666
    Bedtime struggles
    My two grandsons age 3 and 4 give me a very hard time going to bed at night. They wake up at 5:30 every...More
    Posted by An_266549
    Reply: Help W/ A Eating Disorder!
    I just came across your post this evening. My 3 year old is going through a similar situation right now....More
    Posted by MelissaVarner
    Reply: Dentist-Cross bite
    No one wants to treat my 4 year old until permanent teeth. Can anyone recommend us a Dr. in the Ft....More
    Posted by MsJaneDoe
    Reply: solutions for my 3 year olds nices constipation
    Limiting dairy helps a lot with constipation and hard stools. My daughter since she was very young has...More
    Posted by octobergirls
    nails falling off
    I've read most of these from years back to 6 days ago..i would like to at least give my TIP on things to watch...More
    Posted by omahall
    Was this Helpful?
    My 3 yr old is an outgoing goofball!! She has started doing this thing where (thankfully, only at home!!)...More
    Posted by dadsconfusion

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    My 3yr old boy has a stye in both eyes, is this normal? one on the bottom & one on top.More
    Posted by nongmorganicmomma
    My 3yr old boy has a stye in both eyes, is this normal? one on the bottom & one on top.More
    Posted by nongmorganicmomma
    cough and cold
    Any suggestions on relieving these. Symptoms so he can be more comfortable and sleep?
    Posted by deswilson1978
    Reply: Please help RISPERIDONE
    My son was 3 when he started taking risperidone for his adhd with aggression. He is now 6 and still on it. Its...More
    Posted by lgrundy
    My dd had impetigo about 6 weeks ago and her nails are starting to lift and I'm now going to just take a seat...More
    Posted by lgrundy
    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!
    Posted by laurawatkins
    finger nail peeling
    I'm so happy I seen this post onlinr my son god mom called me and told me my son fingernails was coming off I...More
    Posted by mswnston

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    hand foot mouth
    My son had spots all over his body now his nails are peeling, my suspicion was the vitamins that i gave him...More
    Posted by An_260273
    Reply: Potty Training
    Thanks, it helps to know I'm not the only one, your story sounds a lot like mine. But, I've tried what you...More
    Posted by aprilcb
    CDC HFMD- Complications
    Thank you to everyone who posted about this!! My 12 month old had HFMD 4 weeks ago and I noticed his index...More
    Posted by mariap1010
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    Reply: eating problems
    Have you had him evaluated by his doctor? If not, that needs to be your first step. You say you are scared for...More
    Posted by lenono97
    my 3 year old daughter has been potty trained since she was 2 all of a sudden for the last two days she has...More
    Posted by An_259393
    my 3yr. old nephew
    My 3yr. Old nephew had HFM last month and now on both of his hands his nails look like there decayed, my sister...More
    Posted by aunty30
    Reply: Activites for 3 yrs old
    hey , its a older one but, i hope it will be helpful for some one, leave kids to pick their interest, my niece...More
    Posted by ananyaw
    Reply: Bathtime
    I have 3 1/2 yo twin grandsons and they have noticed the difference between us and them. They told me that...More
    Posted by nana2twins
    Reply: Having trouble w my 3.5yo son wanting to go potty!...
    worked in a preschool i was a 3 yr old teacher and i potty trained most of my children in a short period...More
    Posted by spoiledbratmj
    Back packing with a 3yr old.
    Is it ok to climb Mt Fuji while backpacking our 3 year old son?
    Posted by An_258075

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    worried about my 3 year old !
    I am worried about my 3 year old grandson!he has been hitting,bitting,cursing,and has been displaying uncontrolable fits of anger.Don,t get ... More
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