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    Creatine phosphokinase
    My husband had a routine blood test a few weeks ago and we were told that his CPK came back a little high....More
    Posted by sosunny2012
    I need information please: My dad (90years old) has Parkinson's for 15years and for three weeks now he...More
    Posted by amandaleroux
    a chair to sit
    please suggest me if anyone know what kind of chair PD patient should by. He has a hardtime getting up and moving...More
    Posted by thevi
    My husband has Parkinson
    John my husband has a lot of health problem,so it was a shock when they said he had Parkinson,he has it in his...More
    Posted by jwpj86
    Is it really Parkinsons?
    My husband's been diagnosed w/PD however, his symptoms are the exact opposite of everything we read. He...More
    Posted by ellywriter08
    Has anyone heard of a young person getting Parkinson's? My son is 11 and has many of the signs or symptoms....More
    Posted by laurajc5
    Mom diagnosed with Parkinson's
    I found out a couple of hours ago, and it's now finally hit me. It's 1am, I texted friends, but no one's...More
    Posted by pjwrigley
    Natural l-dopa - Velvet Bean
    I have young onset pd at age 39 - I'm now 43 and have had remarkable results with taking the Velvet Bean...More
    Posted by jojomo
    Inflammation with pd
    Does anyone have swelling and fluid retention? It may be from my meds. I take azilect & Mirapex. What...More
    Posted by An_254888
    Sinemet and speech issues
    Hello. My mom is currently in a rehab as her medications changed and she is still adjusting to that.. We...More
    Posted by An_252511
    Is tyrosine as a supplement useful at all in the treatment of Parkinson's?
    Posted by jgj333
    Hey, i'm 15 year old ,and almost two days i'm starting to shaking (head legs and my (more in the legs its not...More
    Posted by An_254807
    Depression as a precurssor to Parkinson's Disease.
    I have read on many PD web pages that most Parkinson's patients suffer from depression. I was treated for...More
    Posted by sparky1109
    I know it sounds stupid, but I would like to really know if Parkinson's Disease is contagious? I care for and...More
    Posted by An_254751
    Back surgery with PD
    My husband has been told he needs back surgery for fractures caused by osteporosis. How can they keep...More
    Posted by granniecourier
    What comes first, Sinimet or an Agonist?
    As we all know there is no clinical test for PD so they give you some meds and if they help then you've got...More
    Posted by sparky1109
    New to this
    Hello, my name is Chris. My father is 60 years old and was just diagnosed with this disease. It has been 5...More
    Posted by cjreinwald
    shaking inside
    I found out I have pd 2 mths ago at Mayo Client. I have tremors in my right leg and hand. My biggest problem is...More
    Posted by zach621
    PD & joint pain
    I am new to PD - early symptoms, left side. Recently began to have pain in the left thigh/hip joint. Does PD...More
    Posted by djl0007
    med's administered via iv?
    recently was hospitalized due to swallowing issues. for 2-3 days i could not swallow anything including my...More
    Posted by jrw710
    Tardive Dyskinesia
    I took both Reglan and Metoclopine in addition to Ambilify and Seroque...I have a severe case of T.D...Keep in...More
    Posted by nobrains
    bladder control
    lovedogs1955 maybe you can answer the question on medication for bladder control. Medications are out of my realm...More
    There are none so blind as those that will not see
    Posted by worn1
    research title
    I am study biomedical engineering (PHD student) and my intrests are biosignal and image processing. I...More
    Posted by mohammadpoory
    Heal Pain
    My father was diagnosed with a form of Parkinson's three years ago. Medications haven't been effective, his...More
    Posted by rldumas
    Dr. Stacy - Were are you??? I hope you read this ...
    I just wanted to tell you that I was taking Azilect and I was so dizzy every morning. I carried my bottle of...More
    Posted by njladyluck
    help I...More
    There are none so blind as those that will not see
    Posted by worn1
    Dr. Stacy where are you?
    I finally got a response from WebMD regarding our missing expert. They told me that the doctors are...More
    Posted by lovedogs1955
    Dr. Stacy where are you?
    I finally got a response from WebMD regarding our missing expert. They told me that the doctors are...More
    Posted by lovedogs1955
    early days
    Hands bad enough, losing simple tasks, grip. Legs restless twichy achy hard to sleep tho raising or binding...More
    Posted by keygirlus
    DadDiagnosed, I have signs of early onset.
    My father (74 next month) got his first Rx today. I have been showing signs that concern me in regard to...More
    Posted by keygirlus

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