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    Ok lady's I am scared to death I did a Doppler to hear the babies heart beat and I had to push a Lil hard so...More
    Posted by Sherrikn
    Smoking cigarettes on and off
    So this is my first pregnancy. I am 25 weeks . I've been a smoker for 8years. I quit smoking when I found out...More
    Posted by Sg101889
    Fetal Heart Rates
    I know that "they" can not determine the gender of a fetus.. But "they" can determine if there are twins due...More
    Posted by An_266608 More
    Posted by aozpaiiauy76 More
    Posted by aizpoaiiapaku12
    RoGam shot when not needed-effects on child
    does anyone know the ramifications from receiving the Rhogam shot when Ididnt need it. I was typed Rh neg...More
    Posted by mrsafetyman
    Easy to use product to reduce foot/leg swelling du...
    If you're suffering from foot and or leg swelling during pregnancy, buy this sheet and pillow set on Amazon....More
    Posted by An_264662

    Take the Poll

    Do you use pillows to try and elevate your legs while you are sleeping?
    conceveid dates
    If im due November 25 , 2015 when did I get pregnant , also I had a period before feb 16 . 2015 and was on...More
    Posted by An_264049
    second trimester
    am in the 18th week of my pregnancy and i want to know is it is safe to do heavy works during the second...More
    Posted by An_263768
    Help me with maternity wear
    I want clothes which are comfortable as I get irritated from the usual clothes. I want to have something...More
    Posted by reneejackson01
    loss of appetite
    I'm 18 weeks and change and have no appetite at all. Food is just "meh" at this point. The only time I...More
    Posted by Anon_2446
    7 weeks pregnant bleeding hoping its not a miscarr...
    I'm 7,weeks started spotting two weeks ago. It stopped now I'm stopping again.. I'm hopeful everything is...More
    Posted by vazquez3
    Is Cervical Cerclage to Prevent Preterm Delivery n...
    Is Cervical Cerclage to Prevent Preterm Delivery necessary? My OB/Gyn consultant who performs IVF/infertility...More
    Posted by An_262481
    Is this Normal?
    About 1/2 way through my 1st Trimester, my bowel movements changed. (I know this is kinda gross, but I need...More
    Posted by freestones2
    thick placenta please help me
    am 30 year old,i have very thick placenta,i am in 22weaks how can it be cure and what is the reason and is...More
    Posted by alwaysharsh
    Help me plese
    I'm 26 weeks preagnat and my vagina is swollen I have brown like dishdarg when I pee it smells like it would...More
    Posted by kellie1515
    Placenta previa
    I had my level 2 ultrasound yesterday and I was 19 weeks 4 days. The dr said I have placenta Previa and they...More
    Posted by hmrm1020
    13 weeks and no symptoms
    So I haven't had much symptoms from the beginning. Only sore breasts. But now that I'm 13 weeks they're not...More
    Posted by An_260422
    13 weeks and no symptoms
    So I haven't had much symptoms from the beginning. Only sore breasts. But now that I'm 13 weeks they're not...More
    Posted by An_260422
    Diagnostic Ultrasound
    Hey Mommies! My name is Eden. I am a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. I am hoping to get some...More
    Posted by eden51671
    Please help worried-19 weeks
    Hello, I am 19 weeks pregnant right now. When i was in 13th week i had skin prick test done to test...More
    Posted by spreadlove
    need some advice
    Hello fellow pregnant moms! I am going through, I dont even know how to describe, but im asking for help and...More
    Posted by megmack322
    how far along till i can feel the baby move. i am 15 weeks.
    Posted by jenica1432
    I am finally here
    OK guys I am due march 11th anyone else with me. I will be 15 weeks tomarrow Sept 17. I have wanted to be...More
    Posted by jenica1432
    tylenol vs. motrin
    My doctor prescribed me motrin as of yesterday for my severe siatica pain. He said recent studies have come...More
    Posted by telula_bell
    Upper Back / Rib pain
    Hello, I am 23 weeks pregnant and have extreme upper back pain. It kicks-in right I fall to sleep. I cannot...More
    Posted by An_258439
    Relief from pregnancy murmur/arrhythmia
    Hi! I'm 22 weeks with my first child and have developed an arrhythmia. I've never had problems with my...More
    Posted by monicamorgan
    Hip and Back Pain during Pregnancy
    Has anyone heard of using "Two Old Goats Essential Lotion" while pregnant? Someone suggested that I use it to...More
    Posted by bmlatiola
    23 weeks 5 days cervix shortened to 1.2 cm!!
    I'm trying not to freak out. i have an 8 yr old and a 17 month old and had no problems during both pregnancies....More
    Posted by shivahn
    Is it really happening?
    Hi I'm 27 and having my first baby and my mind is racing when will I finally calm down? More
    Posted by ladyjones86

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    I am a SAHM/In-home daycare provider. It's going to be a crazy summer! I will have a 6 month old, three boys all 2 years old, a 6 year old, and a ...More

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