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    What's Happening Now

    She thinks it may be Schizophrenia
    I met with my new therapist today and she thinks I may have schizophrenia or be in the early stages of...More
    Posted by ladylightning14
    Brother-in-law is paranoid schizophrenic; need hel...
    My BIL has been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic, but doesn't accept the diagnosis. He also has OCD, which...More
    Posted by juniebun
    Reply: Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance
    This is true I was accused of withdrawing from drugs after being pulled over for no reason it took a lot not...More
    Posted by An_267310
    Misdiagnosis of many mental illness... What it was...
    From the age of 10 I was originally diagnosed with major depression.... Because I didn't have many friends...More
    Posted by Wearemany
    Misdiagnosis of many mental illness... What it was...
    From the age of 10 I was originally diagnosed with major depression.... Because I didn't have many friends...More
    Posted by Wearemany
    Reply: Telepathy - STOP telepathic terror
    I never heard of this ever in my life
    Posted by cherryblossom65
    Reply: suffering from schizophernia
    experience psychosis when not on 2mg of respiridone. it can lead to irrational thinking and memory loss. but i...More
    Posted by evandow
    ability tooth loss
    My niece has lost two teeth in quick succession. She has been on Ability several years and has always...More
    Posted by An_263034
    Reply: Abilify caused very serious tooth loss....has anyo...
    This is a long time from your original post, but my niece in her early thirties, has lost two teeth in quick...More
    Posted by margareha
    schizophrenia or telepathy
    hi everyone i was wondering if anyone or afew people could share with me there story about how it all...More
    Posted by lukemaxwell
    Reply: Schizophrenia Caregiver Survey
    Hi, I have been dealing with my husband for 15 yrs approximately, he has Schizophrenia/Bi-Poplar and he is...More
    Posted by nikki6091
    Please help: Could this be schizophrenia? A famil...
    6 months ago my 13yo niece had none of these symptoms and now we are searching for answers. low ironlost...More
    Posted by An_261305
    the big bang theory
    I am wondering how exposure to radon or radiation affects the chemical balance in the brain. My husband has...More
    Posted by An_260842
    I need to know if Caffeine has an effect on Zyprex...
    These are the supplements I take. I take 400mg of caffeine in the morning. At night with my Zyprexa I take...More
    Posted by olympio
    persecutory delusional
    My wife (age 62) has recently become persecutory delusional - she is otherwise normal and lucid. She...More
    Posted by An_258926
    My name is SIJO JOSING, a victim of this technology.I am from INDIA. I was doing a research on this and found...More
    Posted by An_258687

    Take the Poll

    Does Synthetic Telepathy exist ? Is this technology used to harass people?
    hello dear, how are you doing today, i am so sorry i have not write to you, orry for my late reply.I guess...More
    Posted by jamieseadorf
    Schizophrenia.... or Delusional Disorder?
    I have been experiencing delusions for approximately six years now, since I was 16. I am paranoid that...More
    Posted by miasmakitten
    Schizo-affective disorder internal full body elect...
    Thursday, March 27, 2014 Hi, I have been diagnosed with Schizo-affective disorder, I have been under mental...More
    Posted by tracyop
    Living with Schizophernia
    Well I have had depression for a long time now but never thought I may have schizophrenia. I haven't been...More
    Posted by giantsmets
    Reply: Not sure if I got Shizophrenia
    Hi, Mike, I was reading through the postings and saw your post. I hope you found out some answers and got a...More
    Posted by calvin11
    Reply: HELP! Is this Schizophrenia?
    Your mother needs to see her endocrinologist. You state: her thyroid medication has been altered, etc ...More
    Posted by soltari
    Reply: connection with schizophrenia and BATH SALTS
    My boyfriend of 5 years had previously had some minor mental health issues...depression, some substance...More
    Posted by lafarfalla
    How to Detect Early Schizophrenia Symptoms ?
    Schizophrenia is a mental disorder mostly connected with the thought process and emotional responsiveness....More
    Posted by An_254788
    Was this Helpful?
    Reply: Drugs
    the medicine isnt for u, its so the hospitals keep making money,, they are tax payer is how u...More
    Posted by jonny17999
    Reply: Misdiagnosed?
    Thank you all for your opinions. I have since gotten my diagnoses clarified from my mental health team. I am...More
    Posted by jpslayne

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    Reply: schizoaffective or faking? now what do I do?
    Failsafe I know this is an extremely old comment but I hope you are doing better. It does not sound like you are...More
    Posted by pixe5
    Reply: Can Vitamins and Supplements increase effectivenes...
    I've tried taking B complex, fish oil with omega-3s. In all this stuff helps since it adds to a good...More
    Posted by Anon_124828
    Symptoms of Schizophrenia More
    Posted by bastet
    Reply: I quit abilify cold turkey, bechause I hadnt phsyc...
    Abilify is not just for psychosis--It's for mood disorders, too. You'll probably not feel emotionally well...More
    Posted by bastet

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    I was originally diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic at age 14 but it has subsequently been amended to bi polar schizoaffective disorder which is much...More

    Helpful Tips

    I just wanted to share these ideas. For example just before you're going to go to sleep, like when you're in bed, close your eyes and try ... More
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