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    Wound Care - what to expect
    about two weeks ago i was intending on taking my own life. i slit my vien leading to my wrist, starting at...More
    Posted by An_267716
    had a mental breakdown yesterday almost hurt myself really bad im trying to stay strong bur its hard
    Posted by coco123180
    My aunt saw
    The other night my I was at my Aunts house, and she was apoligizing because she said some mean things...More
    Posted by Broken_child
    i self harmed lastnight
    hey lastnight i cut 4 the first time in 2 months it stings now buts its healing i hope how can i avoid...More
    Posted by An_267181
    help me please?
    hi, I'm new to this site. I wanted to reach out to someone. anyone who will listen really. Basically, I...More
    Posted by chloe_white
    Is it possible to overdose on potassium chloride and die? The internet informs me this is true, but I kinda...More
    Posted by An_266711
    Love My Child
    I have just discovered that my 12 year old daughter has been cutting. Is there anything somebody can tell me...More
    Posted by PPTORR
    More random questions
    I need the distraction so here we go again. 1. Are you crafty? (Yes, I make blankets and love doing...More
    Posted by danielle042381
    Looking for Caprice
    I'm sorry to post this on this message board, but I can't find another place to post it, and I am a former...More
    Posted by better2005
    Need a hug
    I am not ok. I am safe but I need to set boundaries for myself and I don't know how. My uncle has...More
    Posted by danielle042381
    Miss you guys
    It's been a really really long time since I have been here. I think of you guys from time to time. I really...More
    Posted by lostkate
    Random Questions
    I hope these are fun questions. 1. What is your childhood nickname? (Missy or DD) 2. What is your...More
    Posted by danielle042381
    Just wanted to say hi again
    I have been here before and found this board to be very helpful. It had been awhile since I harmed but I...More
    Posted by danielle042381
    Just wanted to say hi again
    I have been here before and found this board to be very helpful. It had been awhile since I harmed but I...More
    Posted by danielle042381
    ummmm hello!
    New here... don't really know what to say as introduction and keep anonymity. I'm 42, sh'ed a very short...More
    Posted by texasbandmom
    does it make me a pussy that i cut does cutting myself mean im to weak to handle life
    Posted by cman2323
    Self Harm
    I have been cutting myself since around December last year. I started it up because it help me deal with what...More
    Posted by stemnena
    blackouts and self harm/ cutting
    Is it possible for a teen boy to black out and then self harm by cutting himself. And not remember the self...More
    Posted by vft1985

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    I live in the UK and have been around the boards for a few years now - how time flies!! Everyone has always been so supportive here. I get great comfo...More

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