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    Excessive Sexual Energy
    I am a 50 year old woman with ADHD and I have been extremely hyper sexual lately. I just had surgery two days...More
    Posted by highnrg1
    ruptured membranes
    what happends if you decide to let your spouse give you oral sex after doctor tells you that you have...More
    Posted by An_267675
    Big Clitoris erects a lot. What should I do?
    I have a big clitoris not only the glan, the whole shaft and hood and it erects (like a man's up) from...More
    Posted by An_267660
    Herpes or yeast infection
    Just started having sex with my boyfriend after a hiatus of 4 months (because of long distance), so we went a...More
    Posted by darthrekh
    Type II HSA
    I was hoping to learn more about sex headaches. My boyfriend just recently started getting terrible...More
    Posted by rockosmodernlife
    Mid life crisis?!
    Hi. I am a 41 yo woman. I have been faithful and married to the same man for almost 22 years. We have 2...More
    Posted by Anon_77212
    hiv and molluscums
    have molluscum contagiasum and has sex with an escort.but the contact was protected.what are the chances of...More
    Posted by An_267620
    What is he hitting in my vagina?
    Ok, so my bf and I have been together 5 yrs now. We are trying to have a baby. But every now and then while we...More
    Posted by Mainash
    No condoms after 50? The woman has medical concern...
    Hello. I'm a 59 year old single woman, at the start of a new relationship w/ a man (also in his 50's) who is...More
    Posted by An_267591
    Sexual problem
    Hi, this is Joseph. I am getting married in few months. I have 2 problems: No night fall for the past few...More
    Posted by josephverma
    My Wife Suffering of Pain inside vagina
    I am 30 years old. and My wife is 27 years old. Our marriage life is around 7 months. [br>She is doing job in...More
    Posted by ornob
    My Wife Suffering of Pain inside vagina
    I am 30 years old. and My wife is 27 years old. Our marriage life is around 7 months. She is doing job in...More
    Posted by ornob
    Constant Hardon
    Is it normal that my husband always has a hardon when around me and wanting to have sex all the time after...More
    Posted by An_267567
    From multiple orgasms to hating anything related t...
    I have been married for twenty years, always had great physical connection with my wife. A lot of fun in the...More
    Posted by An_267547
    Research into potential cures for ED
    I have a first-hand case study to relate in respect of ED which may be of some interest and could even have...More
    Posted by An_267537
    Web MD : Please repair this site !
    First is I hope Web MD repairs this site. Thank You ! This is the third time I wrote . Last Thursday I...More
    Posted by lovemyladyalways
    What is my pregnancy risk- missed 1 pill
    Hi there, I have been on the pill for 9 years or so, usually take it very regularly. I missed taking my...More
    Posted by An_246162
    HELP!!!! Cryptic Pregnancy or False Positive?
    Hello. I am 23 years old and about 6 months ago I made the mistake of having protected sex with someone I...More
    Posted by An_267506

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