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    comes closer to just a few obvious
    These sources are the one dependable stuffs that melt away the superfluous fat from the physique by way of...More
    Posted by tistashelly
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    his physique or his look
    These sources are the one dependable stuffs that melt away the superfluous fat from the physique by way of...More
    Posted by tistashelly
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    Reply: Chances of getting HSV2, HPV, and/or Syphillis fro...
    Haven't a clue. And you don't either especially since you have no idea of the status of this escort. Get...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Tailbone/Sacral Blisters
    Hello! Disclaimer: I'm not native English, so some terms may be wrong. I've recently for the third time...More
    Posted by BelgianBug
    Reply: nondetectable HIV transmission
    Frottage (which is what took place here) is not considered a risk in HIV transmission. If you remain...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: nondetectable HIV transmission
    Just to clarify, the reason the HIV is undetectable for 4 years is ART therapy that he is on.
    Posted by silasm122164
    Reply: Squamous Papillomatosis
    What you have is a fancy word for warts. And yes, these are typically caused by HPV. The idea of HPV...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Single, painless white pimple disappeared upon tou...
    Ok, at least that's right around the corner. If it gets worse, be sure to let your dermo's office know,...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: seborrheic keratosis / HPV or sometheing else
    Hi Aaron1978b, I'm sorry to hear that. Have you seen a doctor about this? He/she will ultimately be the...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Concerned about recent contact with a masseuse
    Hi cpimp, Click here for information on how STDs are transmitted from person to person. If you are...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: I am treating my genital warts with drugstore prod...
    Yeah, I get what youre saying. I think we both know that no doctor would tell me this is okay. If any...More
    Posted by frontbuttwarts
    Reply: Can i give chlamydia to a girl if she was the firs...
    That's because you didn't give it to her. I'm assuming you underwent testing also since she may have passed...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: STD transmission from giving protected oral sex?
    "Are you SURE that you can't get STDs from protected fellatio? Yes.More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Scared ; Need help with some concerns :(
    How likely are you to contract something? Zero. GailMore
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Had sex with a girlfriend who had a "poison ivy ra...
    You won't get infected with her posion ivy rash as it doesn't spread like that. BUT could that be a syphilis...More
    Posted by dazedand
    Reply: Itchy with small scaby skin in between thigh & gen...
    Looks like irritated hair follicles. GailMore
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Can blood infect me with HIV after I remove the co...
    Is it possible that I may contract HIV from accidental contact with condom's exterior? No Is there any...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Do I have genital warts?
    Trust yourself. Ask the doc to do a biopsy. I had 2 doctors tell me everything looked fine. I had to...More
    Posted by frontbuttwarts

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    Reply: Help
    How did your appointment with your doctor go? I'm sorry that no one was able to offer any advice or support...More
    Posted by atti_editor
    Reply: Tens of bumps on my shaft?
    Read up about Pearly Penile Papules and Fordyce spots here. Harmless and common. ...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Lyme disease came back equivocal.. Could HIV be mi...
    I have and the test will be back in next Thursday
    Posted by candacew1
    Reply: Low IGG/positive POCkit- re-test necessary?
    I would get a paired Western Blot test from the University of Washington. You might have a protein that causes...More
    Posted by Stevcor
    Reply: Question on SDT Trasmission by hand
    Thank you. I very much appreciate it.
    Posted by An_267772
    Reply: Paranoid: possible HIV risk after sex with mutual ...
    No; there is no need for testing. Even assuming your friend was HIV positive the virus cannot cross an...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: Having problems
    Drink more water. Drink less alcohol and carbonated drinks.
    Posted by misterwillis
    Reply: Treatment of Early Syphilis by azythromocin
    Treatment used to consist of penicillin; however, since some are allergic to this medication, zithromax is...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    Reply: HSV Testing Results
    The sensitivity of this test for HSV1 is about 91 percent. However, the risk is for more false POSITIVES...More
    Posted by georgiagail
    HSV Testing Results
    How accurate is the IGG Herpselect test for HSV 1? I had a visual diagnosis 8 years ago by my doctor. After 16...More
    Posted by mcw1234
    HSV testing
    can shingles vaccine interfere with hsv 1 and 2 testings results?
    Posted by bubbadog2
    HSV testing
    can shingles vaccine interfere with hsv 1 and 2 testings results?
    Posted by bubbadog2

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    positive results
    I had unprotected sex with a woman 3 weeks before I had this tests done. here are my results: HSV 1/2 IGG HERPESELECT HSV 1 IGG ... More
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