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    Is outer thigh burning a symptom of HIV?
    hello, I have been on again and off again with my ex boyfriend...Our last encounter was the end of June.. In...More
    Posted by An_267749
    Do I have genital warts?
    For some time now I've have these bumps, or cluster at the base of my penis and have been told by my doctor it's...More
    Posted by oz_zo

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    HSV testing
    can shingles vaccine interfere with hsv 1 and 2 testings results?
    Posted by bubbadog2
    HSV testing
    can shingles vaccine interfere with hsv 1 and 2 testings results?
    Posted by bubbadog2
    NGU from Anal Sex?
    I am a 35 year old HIV+ male. For years now I have been experiencing this problem… Approximately 2 days...More
    Posted by jayjdubz
    Relentless itching
    I was diagnosed with genital herpes a few months ago through an outbreak. I haven't had one since then,...More
    Posted by HopelessQuinn
    Had sex with a girlfriend who had a "poison ivy ra...
    For the past couple of weeks, I've been hooking up with a girl I met a club. The sex is always safe, if...More
    Posted by misterwillis
    dry humping
    a friend of mine went into a strip club dry humped a stripper penis to vagina no penetration and no...More
    Posted by An_267678
    Having problems
    Hey my name is Matt and I am 22 years old. I have had this problem with feeling like not all the urine is...More
    Posted by SuggMatthew8
    Tens of bumps on my shaft?
    I just noticed these flesh toned bumps about a year ago and too afraid to tell anyone, I'm not sure if its an...More
    Posted by An_267643
    PLEASE RESPOND: I found out that I had herpes, from an ex of mine that was sleeping around, after making a...More
    Posted by Lyshashanel
    living with genital warts
    Hi everyone I bought this terrasil3x cream to put on the affected area and I washed it and then applied the...More
    Posted by gary612
    Squirting possible STD?
    I had protected sex with a woman. Wore a condom the entire time. But when she was over top of me she...More
    Posted by Natenate110
    What is this bump?
    So I have a bump at the base of my penis. I was told by my doctor it was an ingrown hair, but I'm not sure when I...More
    Posted by oz_zo
    What is this thing? Has anyone had this?
    A little over two weeks ago I noticed a bright red bump about the size of a grain of rice near the opening of...More
    Posted by An_267619
    HSV-1 genital.... Am I missing something?!
    I was diagnosed about 4 months ago with HSV-1 genital, my (very recent) ex took it very harshly, denied he...More
    Posted by An_267584
    Herpes on Forehead? Please help!
    Hi, if anyone can help me I would be very grateful. On May 6 I noticed a lesion on my penis and went to the...More
    Posted by NewStart22
    Nausea during sex
    I'm going to explain it the best I can. When I'm having sex i have to pull off and run to dry heave and than...More
    Posted by An_267572
    Can it be genital herpes?...
    Saturday night I went to a public WC. I was a bit drunk and there was an old man who was using the urinol...More
    Posted by Halyac123
    Does the hospital screen?
    I went to the hospital when I was extremely sick with what turned out to be the stomach virus. However when I...More
    Posted by An_246781
    Is this an STD or a friction burn?
    I had an encounter with a prostitute 3 days ago. I had a hand job in my car. I touched her vagina before...More
    Posted by 100496
    HPV Risk from Previous Partner?
    My ex-boyfriend contacted me recently and told me he got a spot on his genitals biopsied and tested to see if...More
    Posted by An_267463
    Where in Europe(preferably) can you order a test f...
    Hi. I have pus in my morning urine, itching in my genitals, red marks on the side of my upper body, chills,...More
    Posted by andersdk
    I may have trich how soon am I a carrier
    Posted by An_267458
    HIV Screening and Reactive Arthritis
    I had a high risk incident 13 weeks ago. I have tested negative several times with the Oraquick home test...More
    Posted by Jpskin

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