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    Chronic sphenoid infection
    53 yo male here. Had major sinus surgery 25 years ago. Over last two years, left sphenoid kept getting...More
    Posted by An_267900
    Reply: 4 month long cough and sinus congestion
    Also I went for a CT scan and they said my sinuses looked normal, my doctor has also looked through my sinuses...More
    Posted by lolaukey
    Reply: Balloon Sinuplasty recovery
    I had baloon sinuplasti 3 weeks ago tomorrow my throat was sore too i also call bs on back to work next day i...More
    Posted by Billdango
    snoring/sinus infections
    have been seeing a ENT for 6 months for snoring. during the 6 months i had a sinus infection for 4 months....More
    Posted by An_267695
    Sinus Treatment
    With the weather temperatures fluctuating day to day, I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on what works...More
    Posted by pghninja
    Sinuplast with Turbinate Reduction Yesterday
    Yesterday, I had sinuplasty with turbination reduction. I've suffered from restricted breathing in my nose...More
    Posted by trosel238
    Lothrop procedure? Anyone?
    Been forever and ten days since I've been here but... has anyone here had or know of anyone who has had the...More
    Posted by maffiez2
    Balloon Sinuplasty questions
    I'm having a balloon sinuplasty in a week. I'm looking forward to the end of my sinus problems. However, I have a...More
    Posted by njneb
    Deaf in One Ear After Sinus Issues
    I've been sick for more than a week and had some really bad sinus pressure. It's subsided now, but after a night...More
    Posted by gsquat
    Reply: Constant glob of mucus behind the Uvula.
    I've had this exact same problem for the past 8 years. Numerous visits to ENT specialists usually end up...More
    Posted by aerdnasniog
    REALLY scared right now
    On Feb. 13th, I went to the emergency room for headaches and chest pain with weird pins and...More
    Congestion In My Eye?
    Here is an image link to this ongoing problem I've been having with my eye. I am so humiliated, I can't even...More
    Posted by helpmenj
    Same issue
    I have been dealing with this as well. My story is the same as the first post in this series. My only...More
    Posted by soldier_ken
    Post nasal drip/teeth
    About 8 months ago I started noticing a salty taste in my mouth. Indeed at times it was definatly coming from...More
    Posted by An_253961
    Unexplained Fatigue and Nasal Symptoms
    I have suffered from severe unexplained fatigue and headaches for nearly 10 years, and my doctors are still...More
    Posted by DonBonzai
    Eye bags - does it ever go away?
    I am wondering if anyone had eye bags for extended periods (like several months) and then have it go away,...More
    Posted by DaveChapelle
    Balloon Sinuplasty - Sphenoid sinus
    49 yo male. I have had a sinus infection on/off for several months now (chronic allergy/sinus sufferer). Was...More
    Posted by nobody102
    dark spot in sinuses
    I've been having problems with slight nasal congestion, mucus in the forehead and headaches. I had a head MRI....More
    Posted by marip1
    white mucus
    Has anyone had a sinus infection with white mucus? I also get popping or crackling sensations in my forehead....More
    Posted by marip1
    sinus headache?
    Not too sure if I have a sinus infection. I have dizzy spells, slight runny nose and intermittent dull short...More
    Posted by marip1
    Reply: Sweating and prickles related to sinus infection ?...
    I don;t know if you check this anymore but I am having the same issues right now it is weird. I have heart...More
    Posted by livalil74
    Chronic sinus congestion ... out of ideas and desp...
    I suffer from a constant and severe nasal congestion, and am at my wit's end. I have always been what people...More
    Posted by An_249703
    Reply: Can this really happen?
    I've had the same feeling, I think. I had stabbing pains that would actually make me back up, until I finally...More
    Posted by Candyland
    Reply: horrible sinus pain caused by an infection
    only started recovering when I discovered I was allergic to milk...i got tested on and...More
    Posted by daveythere
    Reply: Wake Up gagging on post nasal drip
    only started recovering when I discovered I was allergic to milk...i got tested on and...More
    Posted by daveythere
    Reply: Post surgery nasal drip
    only started recovering when I discovered I was allergic to milk...i got tested on and...More
    Posted by daveythere
    Reply: Can sinus problems affect neck and back pain?
    yes it has affected me. i only started recovering when I discovered I was allergic to milk...i got tested on...More
    Posted by daveythere
    persistent sinus problems on left side, many attem...
    Hello - I am having a sinus problem that will not go away, and I am at my wit's end! In February, I noticed...More
    Posted by dboles69
    Reply: Cricopharyngeal Spams
    Stress the only know CAUSE*, not symptom. sorry.
    Posted by Jamer508
    Reply: Sweating and prickles related to sinus infection ?...
    I also forgot to mention that a lot of time, my stomach gets sour like it's full of air during the initial...More
    Posted by Black109

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