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    What is this shiny pink spot
    Hi [br>[br>I have several white spots on my shoulders but now I have a pinkish red spot that is kindof...More
    Posted by beccakae2
    What is this red dot?
    I have this red dot on my leg (mid thigh) and I think there's a couple more on me somewhere, just wondering...More
    Posted by Dianae37
    Does your favorite skin product contain mercury?
    Hi everyone, It was brought to my attention today that some of my favorite skin products might contain...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Treating Psoriasis
    Hi everyone, I hope that everyone is feeling and looking their best today For those living with...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Sweat problems
    My 11 year old son plays a lot of sports that make him sweat. The problem is on his skin on the underside of his...More
    Posted by Lnkc13
    Is red LED light therapy OK for people with a hist...
    Just wondering if it is safe to use red LED anti-aging light therapy if I have a history of malignant...More
    Posted by Librarian77
    Insane hair growth rate.
    Hello. I have a problem that's rather cosmetic, however it is making me feel extremely uncomfortable, as a...More
    Posted by An_267728
    What kind of skin rash is this?
    I've had this rash on my arm for almost two weeks now. It started as a few round patches that I thought could...More
    Posted by bailey08
    I have a blister from the removal of a precancerous spot on my are, I know you don't pop a blister, but...More
    Posted by nysoccerfaninfl
    Bruising on both arms
    I have started getting bruises above the hands and below the elbows on both arms. It seems to be resulting...More
    Posted by An_267624
    Skin beauty recommendation (KP and blemishes?)
    I think I have keratosis pilaris in my arms and like some blemishes in my face cheeks. I would like to know...More
    Posted by Rangu94
    does Grape Seed (GNC) fit for a young (24 yrs) lad...
    I bought the Grape Seed from GNC. Is it helpful for a young (24 yrs) lady to protect her skin? Thanks...More
    Posted by guodongli
    improving crepey skin
    Due to a serious illness 7 months ago, I had a rapid weight loss of over 20% of my total body weight. In a...More
    Posted by An_267452
    Blood & Fluid Buildup after Surgery
    On Wednesday (3/30/16), I had a cyst removed from just above my right eyebrow. I was sent home with no real...More
    Posted by MommyNiki2
    feet problems
    I feel pulling of the skin on the bottom of my toes and ball of each foot. it's worse when I am...More
    Posted by harrietfmendenhall
    Tiny grey spots everywhere on my 6 year old......
    Please help..... My son has developed hundreds of spots over the last year. they are under the skin and...More
    Posted by sadestenator
    Acne blood clots
    Hi,I have been getting pimples on my face but the problem is they're filled with blood and so they look like...More
    Posted by Zizi86
    Plastic surgery abroad - What do ypu think?
    Sometimes I feel like our appearance is an extremely important part of our lives. Have you ever...More
    Skin care
    I just heard about a Bliss lotion product that contains caffeine to help tighten skin. Can caffeine really help...More
    Posted by IdaJM

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