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    CPAP and Pillow
    I use a memory foam pillow. It really helps.
    Posted by An_255252
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    Doctors Make Technology Breakthrough to Deliver a ...
    SleepAssure is a medical grade consumer device, to deliver a better night's sleep for people who snore. It is...More
    Posted by sleepguru
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    Get The Test
    Hi ,have you had a sleep study, maybe your asthma has something to do with it? Hope you get it figured out.
    Posted by An_254798
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    rite 99
    Waking up in a panic, you have sleep apnea and your brain woke you up just before your heart stopped, some...More
    Posted by rite99
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    I found the cure!!!
    I have exactly what everyone else has here and I found the cure just by dumb luck. This information will...More
    Posted by iceberg6000
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    Control your Narcolepsy symptoms with a herbal sup...
    My name is Ron. I am 59 years old and I have had Narcolepsy and Cataplexy my entire life. When I was...More
    Posted by steelmaker2013
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    Suggestion of Nasal Pillow Masks
    The best type of a CPAP mask to use is one which has nasal pillow instead of a mask which goes over the nose...More
    Posted by jameswick
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    music therapy
    there is a great website called that helps with sleeping disorders by music therapy. try it...More
    Posted by rachelrozen
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    have the answer and all of ur crooked doctors are not trying to get to the bottom of this problem. This...More
    Posted by hopethishelps
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    Sleep mask lines on face
    I use a piece of material folded over, the length of the strap that touches my face. I sleep on my side and...More
    Posted by Donnermarie
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    Sleep Apnea
    I was experiencing very similar symptoms to the point that xanax, or klonopin didn't work. I ended up having...More
    Posted by An_248639
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    I have worn a mask since 2003. Also, I'm a 'mouth breather', but my mouth stays closed when in use during...More
    Posted by Anon_48497
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    Can't get back to sleep after waking from power na...
    I am in the process of exploring Intermezzo, recently approved by the FDA on an as needed basis. No need...More
    Posted by FundamentalGuy
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    Mirtazipine for sleep
    Trazedone is widely prescribed for people who have chronic pain and can not get to sleep. Another drug in...More
    Posted by ScottBliege
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    I love to sleep
    I could sleep all day, but I work five jobs. I tried myself right out. my baby also loves to sleep. she let me...More
    Posted by friesa
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    Somnapure caused me to become jittery andcreated a hangover feeling next morning,instead of putting me to sleep...More
    Posted by Carlus
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    Somnapure caused me to become jittery andcreated a hangover feeling next morning,instead of putting me to sleep...More
    Posted by Carlus
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    Posted by pitdoug1998
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    I use a cpap every night.
    I used a cpap. It has made a big difference with my sleeping. Every morning I would wake up with an headache...More
    Posted by An_244306
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    Somnapure User
    I purchased SOMNAPURE at CVS. It was a buy 1 get 1 1/2 price on the 2nd. That was 60 pills I believe...More
    Posted by sleepprob
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    SOLVED....! Gasping for air, hiatus hernia, Belchi...
    I think I have finally found the answer to this issue of waking up gasping for air. I have been experiencing...More
    Posted by Burping
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    Sleep Disorders
    Have you tried melatonin?, most of the time I take 3-1/2 mg, but sometimes I take 5 mgs. Good Luck,.
    Posted by benther
    Was this Helpful?
    I suffer from daytime sleepiness too, but I will leave that for another time. May I suggest setting your...More
    Posted by AnnieGoshia
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    Cant wake up....
    Hi, I have read through everyones, messages and I have same problems, When I do finally go to sleep no one...More
    Posted by poohberry34
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    I have had insomnia for about a year. Giving up dairy products has helped immensely. Not only has the gas...More
    Posted by Walter999
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    Helpful Tips

    take meds at some time, don't eat after 7
    I meant the longer reply posted a few minutes ago to to go to donnajune2000 More
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