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    What is Cupping?
    "As Michael Phelps powered the U.S. men's 4×100 relay to gold at the Olympics on Sunday, many noticed...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Knee replacement
    I had total knee replacement 4 weeks ago. Today I raised me leg to get into my car and had a horrible tight...More
    Posted by Carrie62
    Exercises for post Bakers Cyst removal surgery
    I had a cyst removed from behind my knee and am looking for exercises to do to get my mobility back. I can't...More
    Posted by Grammyof5
    Broken ankle
    Hello,I'm recovering from a trimalleor fracture and have to have one of the screws removed in a couple...More
    Posted by Supernaturall
    Toenail Injury Shoe Problem Growing Back Weird
    Last year I Injured my big toe and severely damaged the nail so it had to grow back. Crazy enough while that...More
    Posted by Misscay987
    Muscle contusion that won't go away
    I hit my upper arm on a tree while snowboarding back in Dec. I still have a lump on the muscle that won't go...More
    Posted by jerryc65
    stress fracture?
    For awhile now I've been experiencing pain on the top of my right foot(I'm a runner--approx. 4 miles 5x per...More
    Posted by CKoss
    ankle injury-chronic pain
    My name is Bonnie. My husband is 38 years old and broke his ankle 5 years ago. He still has pain in his ankle...More
    Posted by Bondel77
    Effects of amlodipine/benazipril. Muscle soreness?
    Can amlodipine/benazipril cause muscle soreness with exposure to sunlight? I seem to be experiencing this...More
    Posted by Stanclanton
    Tennis elbow
    What kind of Doctor treats tennis elbow?
    Posted by Stinky_weasels
    ankle and behind toes pain
    injured my leg in an motorcycle accident the motorcycle is heavy and it hit my ankle by all its weight ,...More
    Posted by husseinosman
    Lower back pain
    Does anyone have any experience with lower back pain or tips for healing? Since I started working the ramp...More
    Posted by mstuart10600
    Body acting strangely.
    I fell down my outside stairs (about 14), hitting the whole backside of my body from head to toe with...More
    Posted by dawndoyle1964
    ACL MRI?
    My daughter hurt her knee 3 week ago. At first it was sore but no big deal. It did not get better for a week...More
    Posted by msallen82
    Hardening of knee ligaments
    What is the term for hardening of the knee ligaments. I beleive it starts with an A. this was mentioned to me...More
    Posted by jbee33
    Sprained Thumbs
    I sprained both of my thumbs. I would pop my thumbs by making a fist with my thumb inside and then i...More
    Posted by Interstellar007
    Pain in leg
    Hai, Past 5 days i experienced burning sensation problem moderately in my leg. Mostly when i sit in a chair,...More
    Posted by An_266680
    Seeking Surgeon
    Hello, I have a question on behalf of my father. He injured his rotator cuff recently. Tore it in two...More
    Posted by An_266590
    Youth Baseball Injury - Baseball to the forehead
    My 12 yr old got hit above the eyebrow with a baseball. He's got a knot, what should I be looking out for?
    Posted by mojomacman
    Excessively Tight Shoulder / Upper trap muscles.
    I had a grade 5 shoulder separation to my right shoulder 2 Xmas ago. 1 year later I had surgery to repair...More
    Posted by An_266291
    AC Joint Strain
    I believe I have a Grade I AC joint strain. The clavicle is not raised and I have full range of motion. The...More
    Posted by Newks2000
    Elbow Pain
    Have elbow pain on inside of right elbow (right-handed). Avid golfer, work around house, play with grandkids,...More
    Posted by Larry609
    IT Band Issues and Running
    I developed issues with my IT band about five years ago. It started during a long mountain run and then I...More
    Posted by An_265125

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