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    What's Happening Now

    Survivors Sharing Stories - What do you think?
    Hi - We are a group of survivors who believe the best help is survivors sharing our stories and insights. We...More
    Posted by gujingc
    Reply: Wallenberg syndrome
    Hi there, I'm so sorry to hear of your father's rare diagnosis. Have you spoken to your doctor about...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Fatigue after a stroke
    Hi there, Have you spoken to your doctor about your persisting fatigue? Here is information on...More
    Posted by editor_morgan
    Reply: Swelling of foot after stroke.
    How is your husband doing now? I hope that the swelling has subsided. If not, this article has some...More
    Posted by atti_editor
    Reply: fatigue long after the initial recovery
    Ross, Thank you so much for sharing that article. it's "right-on" Describes my life a year after my stroke. I...More
    Posted by mikashot
    Reply: Fatigue after a mini stroke
    I'm still fighting after one year of suffering a mild stroke. Still have to nap each day. I posted a question...More
    Posted by mikashot
    Stroke patient at high altitudes
    I suffered a mild stroke a year ago most likely due to corated(sp) artery blockage.I have regained all my...More
    Posted by mikashot
    Mild stroke Oct 24, 2016, recovery and miracle
    a year before the mild stroke, I had a peripheral vision episode. the surrounding view darkened and I...More
    Posted by An_267718
    Reply: Amputation After Stroke?
    Hello I had a stroke caused by a heart defect. I have the very same left foot leg problems. Massage helps...More
    Posted by raine1200
    Reply: Does a TIA leave permanent damage
    I have recently been told by a specialist that depending upon the severity of the TIA & the location in...More
    Posted by An_267472
    56yo F Left Temporal stroke with ashasia
    I have a 30+ year history of migraines. Two weeks I had a stroke with continued aphasia. I mostly confuse my...More
    Posted by CannGann
    post stroke
    anyone know of any exercises topromote elasticity in arm
    Posted by An_267246
    Reply: Cluster Strokes
    Not sure if what my neurologist & your doctor have said to each of us is the same or not. But according...More
    Posted by MommabearM
    Reply: Nausea post stroke
    My Mom had an occipital stroke that spread to her thalamus. Neurologist told us the nausea and dizziness was...More
    Posted by DianeL1967
    im concerned about my father
    my dad suffered multiple strokes last year in march, he has been showing familiar signs he was showing...More
    Posted by smileykaren88
    Excessive sleep - mini stroke at 93 - normal?
    My father had a mini stroke at age 93. No bleeding on the brain. He lost some movement in his left side. ...More
    Posted by JGU2016
    Includes Expert Content
    Reply: Stroke and loss of vision
    My husband suffered a stroke 9 months ago which took away his right visual field in both eyes, loss of...More
    Posted by Hoperunner
    Stroke and Intimacy
    Back in May of 2015, as a result of an aortic dissection, I experienced a stroke that impacted the left side...More
    Posted by An_266781
    Left pca stroke
    I am 26 years old and I recently suffered a subacute left posterior cerebral artery stroke. I am fortunate...More
    Posted by Brandyn8907
    after affects of tia
    July 4th I had a TIA stroke and was advised by doctor that it appeared fully recovered, however I'm...More
    Posted by lbrown01
    I am posting a comment about strokes to get 5 points. Very nice.
    Posted by backpain79135
    Reply: Multiple Strokes???
    I am so sorry about your father. My father, who is 65 and in great health started having multiple multifocal...More
    Posted by YT_nyc
    What is your meaning of "Recovery"
    Please visit me at: As a stroke survivor, I am doing a research project...More
    Posted by deborah163
    Transient Cerebral Ischemia
    does anyone know if Transient Cerebral Ischemia has anything to do with Agent Orange ?
    Posted by Edwina26664
    Transient Cerebral Ischemia
    does anyone know if Transient Cerebral Ischemia has anything to do with Agent Orange?
    Posted by Edwina26664
    Seeing myself as a victim not survivor
    Hi my name is Deborah and I had a stroke at age 31 in 2001 on Christmas eve. My children were 5 and 8 and I...More
    Posted by deborah163
    Reply: wallenberg syndrome and stroke
    Hi Angela26, I too suffer from chronic nerve pain and other nagging symptoms left from an arterial dissection...More
    Posted by revjb
    Gag reflex failed can cause Vocal cord dysfunction...
    I need help. I am from Malaysia. Yesterday my mother was choke (before she put something in her mouth) and she...More
    Posted by hallmi
    Stroke aftermaths
    I had a stroke. Four years later, I had an episode related to the stroke that caused me to pass out.
    Posted by An_264704
    Reply: swollen face
    Did you speak with his doctors about this feeling he described? How is he doing now? Would love to hear...More
    Posted by atti_editor

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    Any Exercise is Good!Expert
    A recent study looked at exercise in people with Parkinson's Disease, but I think the results ... More
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