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    Dab - is it harmful?
    My grown son does dab, the concentrated THC substance people smoke to get high. He thinks it's harmless, like...More
    Posted by An_264466
    Marijuana is the problem in my marriage.
    Please anyone help me with this. I've been with my husband for 7 years. When we got married we got married...More
    Posted by An_264412
    tapering off of norco
    I have been taking norco now for 4 years after bypass surgery and a robbery and gunshot wound to the jaw.My...More
    Posted by An_264277
    Hi! I'm new to the group and have some questions.... I was just prescribed suboxone to get off of these...More
    Posted by Jessdawn87
    Effexor Withdrawal's..
    Can any one give me some information on Effexor. I've been taking 150 mg morning an night the past 6 months...More
    Posted by sugatits
    Includes Expert Content
    I c/t off of 60mgs of Norco in March of this year. Mine was prescribed by a doctor, I have never done any...More
    Posted by An_264187
    Includes Expert Content
    Alcohol and valium addiction - how to quit?
    I've been drinking alcohol and taking valium for about 30 years after a tragic event. Valium seems to be...More
    Posted by camboskv
    Caffeine is Killing Me
    I used to drink more than four cups of STRONG coffee per day in college. And I know people around me are...More
    Posted by killerkoala

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    Have you ever gone without caffeine for over a month?
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    impact on a family
    I am a mother of 4, My oldest son is now 30 he has been an addict sence his late teens. It has affectected...More
    Posted by An_261008
    Off of Oxy, now on Methdone-I want off opiates! he...
    Hello. After 15 years of being on Oxycontin, I ended up taking about 120mg in the morning and 15mg at night. I...More
    Posted by movieman
    Xanax Addiction
    I have a neighbor [Tina> who is prescribed a 3 pill per day Xanax prescription from her doctor and, as far...More
    Posted by shelley01
    My Health Profile
    In my health profile they have me down as drug dependence. Granted I have been on pain management for over 15...More
    Posted by rpcjy
    Tired of the calories from beer
    I have drank 3-6 beers a day for forty one years and the only affect on my life has been losing an athletic...More
    Posted by An_263312
    Today is Wed. I took 1/2 a percocet at 7pm. I will have to give a urine sample for a drug and alcohol test on...More
    Posted by An_262813
    False posotive
    I am on methadone clinic and clean from drugs and alcohol for almost 4 years now.I am given a drug test once a...More
    Posted by 341977
    Treatment for "collapsed veins"?
    Is there a treatment for collapsed veins due to iv drug use? I have a number of collapsed veins in my arms...More
    Posted by An_261502
    Causes for false positive drug screens
    I was put on methadone 25 years ago for a medical problem. Since I had been on a methadone clinic in the...More
    Posted by cbraden816
    drug screen the next morning
    Can you Test positive for weed the next day. I took maybe 3 hits off a blunt the on Wednesday and got called...More
    Posted by tthlibra
    I have been completely separated from weed for well over a year (16 months) and just today i took a drug...More
    Posted by An_261011

    Take the Poll

    Have either Naproxen, Minocycline or Acemetaphine(Tylenol) led someone to a false positive drug test?
    addicted fiancee
    To the fiancee, i would encourage you to attend AlAnon. It is important that you be supportive for your love...More
    Posted by An_260823
    When will my brain heal after using marijuana? I'm...
    So I'm a 15 year old male and am terrified. I decided to tell my mom what I did and it took a weight off my...More
    Posted by An_260724
    Fluoxetine help
    Last week I pulled a muscle in my neck. My gfs mother gave me what she thought was a muscle relaxer to help...More
    Posted by johnnminn
    Newly Married - Husband Using Drugs
    I am recently married to a man I thought I loved. After just a few months of marriage and seeing him...More
    Posted by gone_girl
    190 days and going strong.
    I am 190 days off norco, tramadol, flexeril, neurontin, and Xanax after quiting cold turkey and going...More
    Posted by momwithnosleep
    False positive drug test
    I recently took a pre-employment drug test. The Dr. called today and said it tested positive for marijuna!!!!...More
    Posted by melmendez
    Includes Expert Content
    Weed causing me seizures? I've stopped taking Effe...
    So whenever I smoke weed, I get tachycardia, violent convulsions, partial blindness and confusion for 1 to 2...More
    Posted by walkaway87
    To this date, is there proof that Naproxen Sodium ...
    I have had Chikingunya for 2 months now, which leads me to take Naproxen on a daily basis (2 in the morning...More
    Posted by An_259925
    tramidol is addictive
    About a year ago I had back surgery I had a disk replaced and have rods and screws holding everything...More
    Posted by badboy43

    Featuring Experts from Betty Ford Center

    Harry L. Haroutunian, MD., is an internationally known speaker on the topics of Addictive Disease and its treatment. He is Board Certified in Family M...More

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    Will smoking weed effect my everyday life and health due to my age?
    I'm 14 and I've been smoking marijuana since I was 12 due to family problems&a family loss and my grades seem to me slowly going down ... More
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