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    What's Happening Now

    Reply: constant urge to urinate which isn't relieved by a...
    First-have you seen a UROLOGIST not just a general doctor. Next, you need to have a URINE CULTURE run...More
    Posted by paleryder444
    Reply: Penis tip discomfort
    I do NOT have an answer but I can assure you it is "not mental"> When a doctor says that..they have NO...More
    Posted by paleryder444
    For about two Years I am having issues. Pain in the groin (feels like deep pain)..and numbness around...More
    Posted by paleryder444
    Reply: Penile strangulation incident (varicose veins, dam...
    Of course get medical attention. If you research into Serrapeptase extensively, you will find it could...More
    Posted by thelight1
    Penis tip discomfort
    About 7 weeks ago I might have caused a trauma to my penis through masturbation. I went to my doctor who did...More
    Posted by An_267833
    Penis squeeze technique gone wrong?
    Yesterday I wanted to try out the "squeeze technique" to see if it could prolong sex. Right before ejaculating, I...More
    Posted by xtron
    How to cure an irritated or bruised urinary bladde...
    I am a 42 year male who had a UTI for the first time 4 years ago. As it happened for the first time I could...More
    Posted by Mister74
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    Cystoscopy & Erectile dysfunction
    Do the research. There is a 2% rate of not being able to get an erection after having a cystoscopy. My doctor...More
    Posted by An_267758
    Was this Helpful?
    Red, Irritated Penis
    Hello, I've never posted anything before, but I have a question about my penis. For a while now (at least...More
    Posted by An_267754
    Reply: What is this hard "vein" and swelling on my penis?
    Update: the swelling has gone down mostly, but when erected there is still a thin string. Its so difficult to...More
    Posted by zippo12
    Reply: Long term red and 'thin' looking foreskin
    I have had the same symptoms on penis glans and foreskin. I first went to a urologist who was certain it was...More
    Posted by infoseek1
    Reply: Burning Urine and Discharge
    Discharge is a word only used to describe infected fluid (yellow/white). You're reporting post-void dribbling...More
    Posted by counterso
    Reply: Swollen nerves on top of penis
    chacho1964, I hope you read the link that was posted immediately prior to your question. Your answer is...More
    Posted by counterso
    Reply: Fistula not closing after Cryotherapy surgery
    Hopefully you discussed this with your surgeon. This situation is too individually specific for the layperson...More
    Posted by counterso
    Reply: Discomfort in urethra and difficulty ejaculating
    Probably you have a small skin flap inside your urethra which is constantly irritated by urination,...More
    Posted by counterso
    Reply: Not happy with my circumcision style
    It sounds like you are correct that you did not discuss important things with your urologist either because...More
    Posted by counterso
    Reply: vibration-like feeling in penis shaft. why?
    The best thing for minor penis skin issues is a product called Man1 Man Oil. It is a multi-vitamin creme made...More
    Posted by seanhh
    Reply: Penis Rash for Months and Not Going Away
    I wanted to also add that I had drip after urinating. I have to wait longer to make sure that everything...More
    Posted by maxisworrying

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    Reply: EXTREMELY swollen veins on penis
    Vitamin C is great for vein health. You should use a penis health creme called Man1 Man Oil. It contains C and...More
    Posted by seanhh
    Reply: Burning on tip of penis and constant urge to urina...
    You could try using a product called Man1 Man Oil. It is made to treat a number of minor skin issues down there,...More
    Posted by seanhh
    Incontinence after Stenosis of the vesico-urethral...
    Ten years ago I underwent radical retropubic prostatectomy. One year after the surgery, I had "salvage"...More
    Posted by ncnifrej
    Reply: Feels like an obstruction in my urethra?
    I can't believe no Doctor has replied to this. I've been dealing with it for 3 years... ejaculation is...More
    Posted by undefined
    Reply: Irritation on penis, no visible symptoms, wife als...
    this sounds very similar to what i went/am going through, i started taking a probiotic (ACIDOPHILUS) which...More
    Posted by newkev
    Reply: Help - Scrotum too Tight and Testicles don't hang ...
    Hey, my husband had this issue coupled with premature ejaculation. His testicles just rode too high and would...More
    Posted by An_267436
    Reply: Penis Pain Internal
    Sounds pretty weird. In my experience, strange pains down there usually stem from some sort of skin irritation....More
    Posted by seanhh
    The Classic Foreskin Problem
    Right, I know this has been posted more times than any of us can count but bear with me, guys. I really...More
    Posted by maybeiwas2shy
    Reply: Pain in penis after intercourse
    Any time I have had weird pain down there it has ended up being some sort of skin issue. Check out a penis...More
    Posted by seanhh
    Reply: Throbbing pain in penis
    Whenever I have a weird pain down there, it is usually caused by some sort of skin irritation. You might want to...More
    Posted by seanhh
    New veins and swelling on my penis
    I have stopped masturbating for 5 days now and i have some new veins and there is swelling on my penis....More
    Posted by OrangeIvan18

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    Help pls i need advice !!!
    Ok so i have stopped masturbating and im on day 5.My penis has gotten some new veins and its swollen on...More
    Posted by OrangeIvan18

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    I had prostate removed 5 yrs. I have had incontinence every since. I had colligen placed near my bladder two times.No luck. I had mesh sling surgicall...More

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